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Snapchat’s Trying to Take Over Your Favorite Apps

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Has SnapKit been implemented into your favorite app yet?

Snapchat announces a new way for developers to implement new features into both their app and Snapchat, the developer tool is called SnapKit and it might help save Snapchat. SnapKit implements different tools that developers can use like a way to implement Bitmojis’ within your app and a login feature. Along with the announcement Snapchat made sure that privacy and security was a key factor when releasing this development kit to let both users and developers that their information is safe, especially after another social network had a major controversy.

SnapKit includes a total for four different tools that developers can use:

  1. CreativeKit: Allows users to share snaps or stickers on to their story that’s exclusive to certain apps, for example, what music you’re listening too from Soundcloud or the route you last ran from MapMyRun.
  2. LoginKit: Allows users to login to certain apps using their Snapchat account, by doing so you would only share your Bitmoji avatar and username on the social media platform.
  3. BitmojiKit: Allows for developers to implement Bitmojis’ in to your app.
  4. StoryKit: Allows for developers to implement public stories within their app, allowing users to share photos and videos the story in your app.

Like I previously stated, Snapchat is serious about security when developers implement any of these tools within your app. If you sign in with Snapchat, you only share your Bitmoji and user name, that’s it. Also, as a security measure, if you’re inactive for 90 days, Snapchat disconnects from the app you used Snapchat to sign in. When a developer implements SnapKit in to their app, Snapchat also reviews the app before it can be released on the app store. SnapKit has already been implemented into certain apps that you might even use like Tinder, Postmates, and Giphy.

Will SnapKit be implemented into other apps? We will have to wait and see since Snapchat has been losing users from other services, like Instagram as an example.



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