Slope versus Hardingby@anthonytrollope

Slope versus Harding

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Two or three days after the party, Mr. Harding received a note begging him to call on Mr. Slope, at the palace, at an early hour on the following morning. There was nothing uncivil in the communication, and yet the tone of it was thoroughly displeasing. It was as follows: My dear Mr. Harding, Will you favour me by calling on me at the palace to-morrow morning at 9:30 a.m. The bishop wishes me to speak to you touching the hospital. I hope you will excuse my naming so early an hour. I do so as my time is greatly occupied. If, however, it is positively inconvenient to you, I will change it to 10. You will, perhaps, be kind enough to let me have a note in reply. Believe me to be,My dear Mr. Harding,Your assured friend,Obh. Slope The Palace, Monday morning,20th August, 185––
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