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Details on how to use the Radar Relay beta

Radar is launching on the Kovan test network to collect user feedback and data. We will be implementing the following new features as the beta progresses:

  1. Migration to main net
  2. Fee abstraction
  3. Additional ERC-20 token support
  4. More trading functionality like market rate order matching
  5. Basic API

How to use Radar Relay

Make sure you are on the Kovan test network.

  1. In MetaMask, select the icon to the right of the fox
  2. Select Kovan Test Network from the dropdown

Get test tokens from the Øx portal.

  1. Go to
  2. “Request” ETH
  3. Toggle the tokens you want to test with and request them


  • Your position is the token you wish to exchange for another token
  • Seeking is the token you want to receive in exchange for the “your position” token

How to allow tokens

  1. Open the Radar wallet.
  2. Go to “Your Tokens”
  3. Activate the toggle to the green position for tokens you’d like to trade with

How to place an order

  1. Select your position and the token you’re seeking
  2. Choose quantity of your position you want to sell and quantity of tokens you’re seeking
  3. Confirm your rate is correct and select “Create Order”
  4. Choose order duration
  5. Sign your order in MetaMask or Parity
  6. Select close or view order

How to fill an order

  1. Select your position and the token you’re seeking
  2. Choose an order off the right side of the book to lock in token rate
  3. Confirm quantity of order as a max fill or a partial fill through manual quantity entry and select “Fill Order”
  4. Continue through MetaMask or Parity to fill the order

Join us on Slack.

We will be opening a Slack channel called “beta” where we will be collecting feedback, bug reports, answering questions, and announcing changes and updates. If you are helping with our beta please join that channel.

Visit our site at


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