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Should you worry about your skills getting rusty?

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Interview with Jean Hsu, Engineering Leadership Coach

I don’t know about you but before I decided to take on my first leadership role I agonized over it for months!

I worried that as an engineer my coding skills that I had taken years to learn and hone would get rusty.

And I wasn’t alone in worrying.

As I talked to designers, they told me they worried about their ability to design.

While sales and marketing people worried about their ability to close.

Well, I’m just going to tell you the straight up truth: your skills will get rusty.

But in today’s Build episode, Jean Hsu and I are going to teach you why it’s OK if they do!

As you watch the episode you’ll learn:

  • Why our real fear is the desire for a clear and tangible sense of accomplishment at the end of the day
  • How you can figure out what the new work will be and the skills you’ll develop from doing it
  • Why soft skills are valuable and how they are often compared to hard skills like coding, designing or selling

After you watch the episode, reach out to Jean on Twitter and check out her work at JeanHsu.com!

Listen to the episode on iTunes!

You can listen to this episode of Build on iTunes.

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