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Securing Your Data in a Technologically Advanced World

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Experienced Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in technology services industry.

The explosion of the internet on a global level has led to many changes that have taken place. This is reflected in the rapid flow of information, the destruction of time and language barriers, and the eradication of local and regional borders. Some more of these changes are:

1. Expanding borders and simplifying work and communication processes

2. Lowering communication costs

3. Producing higher levels of efficiency, productivity, and creativity of collective work

4. Converting all forms of contacts to a global level

5. Accessing various databases with huge amounts of different information

6. Enabling electronic access to the world market for the possibility of removing various barriers. Market competition would become stronger & livelier

7. Accessing information of completed scientific research and ongoing research; the world's scientific treasure is becoming more accessible and scientific research is becoming more intensive

8. Emerging new forms of education - distance education

9. Introducing new views on public life and democracy

The digital revolution has led to radical changes in the way we produce, sell, and marketing. Concepts such as "just in time", "custom", "customer contact", are a kind of adaptation of production to modern computer and communication technology and the exceptional opportunities it offers. The dominance of computer and communication technologies have changed the lifestyle and work, as well as people's habits. Trade after work and only at the time when the stores are open is it replaced with the ability to purchase at any time and from anywhere.


Internet technologies have completely opened the door to the concept of the electronic economy. It enables the creation of innovative business approaches in the field of sales, purchasing, and internal business process creation.

The orientation of modern business organizations towards the global market implies the integration of information and communication technologies, which ensure the flow of data without spatial constraints.

The domain change capture and management approaches are significantly changing with the development of the global computer network. They serve as a support for normal daily tasks, but at the same time, help when making strategic decisions of the organization.

Increasingly demanding consumers and stronger competition are affecting the development of new opportunities and changes in the domain of business processes. In acquiring market advantages, application and use of virtual channels in business have proven to be a cost-effective and efficient way of exchanging products and services.ย 

The success of an organization is based on the ability to define strategy and goals. The adaptation to market requirements and application of new technologies will be provided. Software solutions can be used for measuring the achieved results in all phases of individual activities.

The electronic revolution is recognized and active in a broad economic context, including internal processes and operations of the organization, all modalities of e-commerce, consumer preferences. But, it should be borne in mind that it also includes the market environment that affects the overall operating conditions of an organization.

Cybersecurity of computer networks and systems

Companies today face not only attacks by hackers and cybercriminals, but also companies that use cyberattacks to try to achieve their goals through corporate espionage. The motives behind the cyber attack are no longer just money or revenge, but also strategic obstruction, as well as gaining an advantage over the competition. Securing the end limits of a computer network is no longer the only challenge companies face ensuring their impenetrability. Additional steps need to be taken to secure the computer network at all levels.

The frequency and sophistication of attacks have increased over the past few years, while at the same time, with the use of automated tools, the level of knowledge required to carry out an attack has decreased. To successfully defend against potential attacks, companies hire IT, security experts.

Secure Your Personal and Business Data

In this complex tech world, security is of high importance. That is why it is important to adhere to password protection guidelines.

Passwords that contain codes with a combination of numbers and symbols are difficult to remember. And besides - the vast majority of Internet users use incredibly shortcodes to keep them "in their heads" so that they are not forgotten.

With online security, complexity is more important than length. At least judging by the facts that the 16-character code, which consists only of numbers, is just as hard to break as it would be with the eight-character code, which contains any possible symbol, number, or letter.

The rule that emphasizes and speaks about the importance of adjusting the password every three months also seems outdated. Why? The psychology of a person who has got to and who is forced to vary codes from time to time will do his thing. Instead of length and complexity, they will choose lightness and memorability, which is certainly bad news in the life of an internet code and its security.

The rules are changing, but their mass application and replacement of the already established rules will probably be quite slow. Because the choice of codes, in the end, is still a very personal matter.

During this period, even when you will be conditioned by the old rules, you can make a code long enough that contains a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters and a couple of numbers. You will be far safer.

Or, you can use a good password manager, like Keeper Password Manager. With extensions for all browsers, web, desktop, and mobile applications, these programs will be your most reliable partners in storing passwords. Networking with other devices, the use of two-factor authentication, easy use of the user interface are just some of the advantages of these applications. Lack of information can lead to problems.

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Experienced Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in technology services industry.


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