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Scammed by Love? Here’s how blockchain is helping making dating better

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Dating scams have hit hundreds of millions of people around the world, and chances are someone you know has been targeted and paid the price. Reports from various official institutions indicate that online dating scammers have conned the average person out of ± US$ 14 000.

It seems odd that we’re still getting scammed in this day and age.

There are multiple warnings that should put us on high alert but for some reason, we keep falling into these endless traps. The team behind Viola.AI believe that we’re willing to go through tough situations in order to find our partners, and that one shouldn’t be taken advantage of by unscrupulous websites or greedy con artists.

The word con man/woman actually stems from confidence man/woman. That air of reassurance that sets you at ease, the sympathetic manner in which they relate to issues in your own life, the very fact that they’re seeking out their “soulmate” all lends to a fabricated character with a single aim: to steal as much as they can, as fast as they can.

An article published in the South China Morning Post last year spoke about a chinese divorcee who was conned out of a 1.5M yuan by her best friend, Ma Ping, posing as the divorcee’s online love interest. After striking up a friendship with the victim in 2014, the scammer introduced the victim to her male friend who owned a hardware factory.

Over the course of 3 years, the victim and her friend had an online relationship over the phone and WeChat. The victim’s parents became suspicious and turned to the police for help, where it was found the boyfriend did not exist at all, and Ma Ping was behind the scam.

Viola.AI was created to prevent situations like this.

By utilizing blockchain and smart contracts, Viola.AI verifies that every person registered through their platform does, in fact, exist.

What’s more, Viola.AI verifies that person’s physical features — no more faceless characters, no more fake profiles containing pictures of models or actors/actresses. Basically Viola.AI offers a real person looking for another soul, perhaps you.

Viola.AI guarantees that your privacy and security will never be broken nor taken advantage of by traditional scam methods. We aim on providing services that offer assistance in your relationship, from the early teething days to courtship, and onto marriage.

Having experienced matchmakers on hand ensures that one has the best service available. Viola.AI’s creators, Violet Lim and Jamie Lee, understand how tough it can be to find the partners that’s right for you. While many relationships have gone through more trial and error situations than one would like, Viola.AI streamlines their services to provide you a painless, enjoyable experience in a safe environment, guaranteed to look out for your interests.

Their bottom line is to matchmake happy couples that go on to lead full lives right down to those twilight years. Sounds like the perfect ending…!


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