Satoshi. Give Us Your bcash!by@beautyon_
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Satoshi. Give Us Your bcash!

by BeautyonFebruary 1st, 2018
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Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, left us with a fantastic tool to change how everything is done in finance. When he created Bitcoin, a large number of them were kept by him. Its easy to understand how this happened. Would Bitcoin take off? Would the Bitcoin ever be worth anything? There was no way of knowing in advance. Others had tried in the past to solve the problem of how to make an electronic money and failed. In all probability, this attempt would have fail also, and the bitcoin in his wallet end up being worthless.

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Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, left us with a fantastic tool to change how everything is done in finance. When he created Bitcoin, a large number of them were kept by him. Its easy to understand how this happened. Would Bitcoin take off? Would the Bitcoin ever be worth anything? There was no way of knowing in advance. Others had tried in the past to solve the problem of how to make an electronic money and failed. In all probability, this attempt would have fail also, and the bitcoin in his wallet end up being worthless.

But it Bitcoin didn’t fail. Bitcoin succeeded. Spectacularly.

Now we know for certain that Bitcoin, both as a novel and stable form of programmable money, and a programmable contract system, is worth literally trillions of dollars. Getting this new money and platform into the hands of as many people as possible as quickly as possible has to be the goal; the more Bitcoin users there are, the bigger the ecosystem becomes, the more platforms and uses are developed, and the faster The Transformation happens. The faster The Transformation happens, the more likely it is that we get to set the rules and standards by which this new economy is governed.

With our project Azteco, we’ve created the easiest way of getting Bitcoin, using a simple and familiar 16 digit redeemable code system. These codes can be printed by any device, from generic computer hardware to the most modern POS systems. A vendor could even choose not to print them at all, and dictate them to the customer. The Azteco Vendor System can run anywhere, just like the MPESA vendors in Kenya run from wooden shacks, but unlike MPESA, which is a country specific locked in fiat system, Azteco sells access to Bitcoin, giving everyone a door to global e-commerce and its fluid, unrestricted facilities. Azteco users don’t need to own a smartphone or a computer. All they need is an Azteco Voucher.

We’ve been hard at work on our roll out, and will soon be opening of our first vendors. Bearing this in mind, we have a bold proposition for you Mr. Nakamoto.

Give us your bcash… For great justice!

You have a huge store of Bitcoin. Now, there is a way to help our launch and seed the world with Bitcoin that doesn’t involve using your Bitcoin. You can give us the bcash that was automatically created when the transaction record was cloned and the bcash alt-coin was launched.

All you would need to do is move your hoard of Bitcoin to a new address, and then give us the private keys to your old Bitcoin address. We then use Electrum Cash to import that public key and move your bcash coins to an exchange and sell them for Bitcoin, that we will use to fuel Azteco, distributing that bcash converted to Bitcoin to the market through our vouchers. We can disburse and diffuse the “free” bcash converted to Bitcoin to the demographic that need it most in a fine grained way, so that a large number of different groups get to own Bitcoin.

Releasing your converted bcash into the market will also send a signal that bcash is explicitly rejected by you. The bcash fork will be effectively killed, along with the nauseating White Paper Cult, whilst simultaneously putting Bitcoin into the hands of people who need it. Our use of your bcash in this way will remove the risk of market shocks and a backlash against Bitcoin, which may have been the case had you afforded us the luxury of using your Bitcoin. Everyone will know that your Bitcoin will not suddenly flood the market, crashing the price.

Spreading your bcash converted to Bitcoin will increase the demand for Bitcoin services and encourage more retailers to accept it. It will widen the Bitcoin user demographic; when a new group of different users with real life needs comes on board who actually use Bitcoin rather than store it as a speculation vehicle, the dynamic will change. Bitcoin will start to behave even more like money, and will begin to fulfil its global potential.

Stills from “The Tale Of Zatoichi” 1962. Zaitoichi is a blind Yakuza, wandering masseur, gambler, and a lightning fast swordsman with incredible control over his blade. He can see objects with his hearing like a bat can. Click here to see the complete scene these stills were grabbed from. By pretending to be a bumbler, dropping the dice outside of the cup, he takes advantage of the dishonesty of gamblers, who only have themselves to blame for losing money by betting on the dice that are not in play. Sounds a bit like bcash, doesn't it? This theme is repeated throughout all the films in the “Zatoichi” series.

That is our proposal in a nutshell, Satoshi. Allow us to Johnny Appleseed your bcash converted to Bitcoin into the un-banked world. Sitting on an enormous cache of bcash can serve no purpose. That bcash converted to Bitcoin would be far more useful were it in motion, circulating in the hands of everyone with even the smallest need for it, whilst signalling to everyone that bcash is not Bitcoin.

You can encrypt a message to us containing your private key using our public key and then leave the encrypted ascii armoured reply on a public forum or other place where it will be spotted, for us to collect.

-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----Version: PGPfreeware 6.5.8 for non-commercial use

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Once news that this message is sitting somewhere to be collected, someone will scream at us that it’s waiting. We will find it, decrypt it, and use Electrum Cash to convert the bcash into Bitcoin through an exchange. We will distribute that bcash converted to Bitcoin through Azteco, with a discretionary maximum single voucher amount at whatever the real time rate is on the exchanges, to spread it widely.

According to this tweet you have about 1,000,000 bcash lying dormant. That is $1,329,289,987.67 at today’s price, which is 143,563.32BTC. If we sell 1000 Bitcoin a month through our Azteco vouchers, it will take 11.96 years to sell them all. This would be a clean, slow and steady dispersal of this large hoard of bcash, over many years, with no chance of disrupting the market.

What say you? LETS DO IT!

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