R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots): PROPERTY LIST by@jarelcapek

R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots): PROPERTY LIST

Throughout: Dark grey carpet ground cloth.
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R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots)

R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots), by Karel Capek is part of the HackerNoon Book series. You can jump to any chapter in this book here. PROPERTY LIST


Throughout: Dark grey carpet ground cloth.


1 Desk.
1 Hat rack.
1 Swivel chair.
4 Plain office chairs—high back.
2 Low back chairs.
1 Typewriter table.
1 Couch.
Cushions on all seats.
2 Cabinets.

Properties on Domin’s desk:

Box candy.
1 Pad and blotter.
1 Letter opener.
1 Cigarette box.
1 Inkwell stand.
1 Practical buzzer (6 buttons).
1 Television.
1 Rubber stamp.
1 Pad of scrap paper.
Typewritten letters.

On Typewriter Table:
Bottle paste.
Paper (for letters).


Off R.:
1 Silver card tray (Marius).
1 Apron (Busman).
1 Napkin (Alquist).

Off L.:
1 Fountain pen (for Busman).
1 Telephone buzzer.
1 Siren whistle.


1 Desk table.
1 Reading table.
1 Small oval table.
1 Table back of couch.
1 Blue armchair.
1 Armchair.
2 Straight chairs.
1 Fireplace.
1 Couch.
4 Pillows.
Lace curtains on windows.


On Desk:
1 Pair binoculars.
1 Turquoise lamp (shade).
1 Telephone (same as Act I.)
1 China double inkwell.
1 Pen.
Writing paper and envelopes.
5 French Reviews.
2 London Times.
1 Bystander.
5 English magazines.

On Table L.C.:
2 Book ends (wooden).
5 French novels.
1 Lamp (wooden) with shade.

On Table R.C.:
1 Brass match box (containing matches).

At Fireplace:

1 Burnt paper in fireplace (tacked).
Small Robot doll.
2 Browning guns.
1 Poker.


Off L.:
1 Brass tray (with handles).
On tray:
1 Glass decanter with “Cognac.”
4 Brandy glasses.
3 Pots of flowers (for Domin, Fabry, Hallemeier).
2 Manifesto (for Fabry and Helena).
1 Fountain pen (Busman).
1 Box with pearls (for Domin).
1 Box with cameo (for Domin).
1 Pair of glasses for Nana.
1 Revolver.
Electric card and switch box (Fabry).
Rope and stick to bind Radius.
1 Large ledger for Busman.
2 Knives for Robots.
1 Piano.

Off R.:
Bundle of old papers (manuscripts).
3 Newspapers.
1 Loaded revolver.

In Cellar:
1 Pad—shots.
2 Cannons (loaded).
1 Wind machine.
1 Shot gun (loaded).
1 Tin Whistle.


1 Plain table.
1 Small table.
3 Chairs (1 same as armchair in 2nd and 3rd Acts).
Same furniture as Act I.
1 Wall cabinet.

On Plain Table R.C.:
3 Books.
2 Anatomy books.
1 Pencil.
1 Student lamp.
1 Microscope with glass plate.
8 Test tubes in wooden stand.

On Small Table L.C.:
4 Drug bottles.
2 Large glass test bottles.
1 Scalpel.

SOUND EFFECT record for this play can be secured from Thomas J. Valentino, 729 Seventh Avenue, New York, N.Y.

R. U. R.

The foots consist of two sections numbering from Left to Right, 1 and 2 amber, blue and white. The first border consists of eleven 250-watt baby spots, placed about one and a half feet apart and numbered from 7 to 17.

Overhead X-rays consist of three sections containing the mediums: Blue, steel-blue, and frost.

At stage Left and up stage are 2 1000-watt baby spots on permanent stand.

At stage Right and up stage are 3 500-watt baby spots on permanent stands.

Back stage illumination consists of 5 1000-watt bunch lights hanging blue, and 5 1000-watt bunch lights hanging frost.

Off stage Left and up stage is a low stand lamp, 1000-watt amber.

Back stage on floor are 2 1000 bunch floor lamps of 1000-watt each to illuminate the back drop.

In Epilogue a Linnebach lamp (arc with glass slide) to throw silhouette of factory on back drop.

There are three practical table lamps.

In Act III a shaded reading lamp.

In Epilogue a desk lamp and a goose-neck.

There is a 1000 amber on red spot in fireplace to be used in Act II.

R. U. R.

Act I. Nothing.

Act II. Fireplace on when Nana strikes match. Off when Nana says “There, that’s the end of them.”

Act III. (one) table lamp and #17 off at start of Act, on at cue from Fabry: “Ah, they are there.” Off on “And they are working.”

(Two) Table lamp and #17 spot on at cue “Our people are still there”—off on cue “A torch to be handed from age to age, from hand to hand forever.”

(Three) Dim first-border spots #9, 10, and back stage hanging bunches on cue “Anything can be bought for half a billion.”

(Four) The table “lamp-out” second time works simultaneous with the black out on cue: “A torch to be handed from hand to hand, from age to age.” Everything is pulled out except #18 and 20 (deep blue).

(Five) With explosions in cellar the 2 1500-watt floor lamps at back (red) and brought up quickly to full and worked up and down quickly on dimmer until Radius enters, when they remain on full to end of Act.


A frost 1000-watt spot (frost) on stand off stage are lighted and blinded at rise. The blinds are opened when Radius exits. The light floods the room through door at R. The blinds are closed when the Robot exits on cue: “The Robots are stronger than you.”

With entrance of Helena and Primus the sunrise effect begins. Floor lamp and stand lamp up stage at Right, both amber.

With sunrise effect bring up #24 pink and #21 rose-pink. Foots up to 1/2 and overhead Xray (pink, frost, and steel-blue) full up.

When all this is up to mark, dim #17 to out.




About HackerNoon Book Series: We bring you the most important technical, scientific, and insightful public domain books. This book is part of the public domain.

Capek, Karel. 2019. R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots). Urbana, Illinois: Project Gutenberg. Retrieved April 2022 from https://www.gutenberg.org/files/59112/59112-h/59112-h.htm

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