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Running with Ronnie Wood and David Suzuki

I run a lot. Do I enjoy it? Not really.

Okay more often than not, I actually do. But here’s the thing: Like many I’ve debated this with, I dread those first 10 minutes. It’s just after that initial hump, when your music magically thumps in, your glutes start firing, your breath deepens — and your imminent sweat-fest is just round the corner. Things start looking up.

And as this newly oiled machine, you take on the world.

Running — funnily enough — is a completely natural behaviour. We’ve just miraculously figured out how to design it out of our lives.

We were born to run.

Don’t believe me? Just ask Christopher McDougall..

Indeed, some of us have simply forgotten how to run — with all those damn distractions. The lure of virtual reality, binge streaming and professional couch potato-ing have claimed some — while other hipper activities like acroyoga, soulcycle and pound have taken the rest.

Bizarre stuff.

Slower than cycling, and hopefully a tad faster than walking — the runner’s pace is a distinct one. With a unique movement through time, the runner’s world appears different. The faces and places are all a bit more, well, random.

Take the time I saw Ronnie Wood in the park. You‘d recognise that mug anywhere.

Or that time I breezed past David Suzuki near the beach.

Wood (rock musician, singer, songwriter, artist and radio personality), uses his body to move people. David Suzuki (academic, geneticist, science broadcaster and environmental activist) uses his mind to motivate people. Given the world’s apart of their respective notoriety — I latch on to this far flung similarity. It’s how I make sense of the randomness of what occurs while jogging. It’s part of the fun to forget you’re actually running.

But yes, the best part of running may very well be finishing.

On that next jog, who might you see? What might you discover? And on those moments you veer of path — where might you end up?

In search of a running mix? Try any of Yasmin’s (live 3–5pm Sundays) on Rinse FM. Here’s a particularly good one..

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