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Robots, Emojis, Blockchain, and Enterprise

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Trent Lapinski

VP of Solutions

But first, shoutouts to our investors of the week: Jawad Ayaz, Louis Lautman, & Zibeh Zakka.

Catch up on the latest episodes of the Hacker Noon Podcast, plus a 5-minute #DevStories presentation by Hacker Noon Chief Product Officer Dane Lyons at the GitHub SF HQ.

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P.S. Shoutout to our investors of the week! Cheers to those who make it possible for us to build a better tech site:

  • Jawad Ayaz is a serial tech entrepreneur turned early stage Investor/Advisor with an India focus.
  • Louis Lautman runs Supreme Outsourcing, which provides virtual assistants available around the clock to delegate whatever tasks you have.
  • An engineer passionate about early stage VC, Zibeh Zakka is a data analyst at LexisNexis.


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