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Rising to the top On Product Hunt

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Kabir Shah

Another Product Hunt success story

One day, I wanted to make a project. To help make it, I decided to use a CSS framework, but found frameworks that either

a) Didn’t provide modern design
b) I had to learn them
c) Were too heavy in file size

I thought after all of the CSS frameworks released, and there are a ton of frameworks, there would be one that fit my needs. But there wasn’t.

That’s when I started making Wing, a CSS framework. Today I thought it was finally mature enough to launch.

The day before, I spent about an hour making the perfect tagline, logo, and taking some screenshots.

Wing — A dead simple, responsive CSS framework

I already had been invited to the Product Hunt community, so I could submit products. So I stayed up till midnight, and submitted it.

It was the first product

I was super excited, but went to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up, and checked my computer immediately. I was speechless.

Wing was on the homepage, in second place, with 70 upvotes, and 226 stars on Github. My analytics were exploding. So was my Twitter. Someone had added it to Hacker News.

Some morning.

I reloaded the page an hour later, and Wing had 86 upvotes.

That blew my mind.

Seriously, I thought that my framework would get lost in what is the abyss of CSS frameworks.

But then, an hour later, I had 91 upvotes.

Its pretty crazy reloading and seeing this happen.

Then, it came to 99. It was crazy, one more and Wing would have 100 upvotes.

Watch as it happens.

Goes from 99, to 109

That was awesome. Product Hunt even gave me this sign of approval.

Batman approves

People started to comment, all of them were positive.

They told me about bugs to fix, things to improve, and things they liked. It really helped, unlike other online communities, Product Hunt’s community is the most welcoming.

Wing kept going higher and higher.

Soon enough, it had 200 upvotes, then kept going. By 6 PM, it was pretty obvious that Wing would stay in second place, but I was happy.

Really happy.

Then the emails started rolling in.

People from all over the world began emailing me.

  • Congratulating me for the launch
  • Wanting to contribute to Wing
  • Saying they were inspired by my work

It felt good that people were inspired by my work, really good.

@TopHuntsDaily on Tweeted this:

They made a lovely graph of Wing’s upvotes on Product Hunt:

Wing is orange

So there you have it, my launch on Product Hunt.

Check it out on Product Hunt here.
Check out the Github repository.
Follow me on Twitter.

To contact me, check out my website.

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