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Revolutionizing Education

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@jennifer.greenbergJennifer Greenberg

During summer break, I like to use online classes to keep my programming skills up to par.

I am a strong believer that if you donโ€™t use your skills, you lose your skills.

I am able to learn effectively in a classroom setting, and use online classes as a supplement. Many students, however, are unable to thrive in a typical brick and mortar classroom.

Over winter break I redesigned a website for an online school, Greenways Academy. While working with their team I realized how beneficial online education is. There are many kids that would not get their high school diploma if there werenโ€™t online alternatives.

Kids that benefit from online education are not limited to students that are traveling the world, and competitive athletes. Many students with social anxieties and learning disabilities benefit from an online education.

With online classes, you are also not limited. I would have thought that online school would only offer core classes, but they provide a plethora of interesting and unique online classesโ€Šโ€”โ€Šclasses that were not offered to me in a brick and mortar setting.

I recently transferred college, because I wanted a more personalized education. At my previous school I was a number, at my new school I am a student. Online education can give these benefits to their students.

People often discuss the drawbacks of technology. While I do believe that technology can be controversial, I know that it is also helpful and amazing. Some technology is so integrated into our everyday lives that we overlook how helpful it can be. Online education, to me, is one of the amazing ways that technology benefits us.


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