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Reviewing the Font: Oregano & Tips on How to Use It

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Hi there 👋

Did you have a lovely weekend?

Last week was a very social week for me. Typically, I spent the whole week planning and writing content, like this newsletter, my blog, and planning, but I made many new friends all throughout last week and weekend. Even though I barely got started on what I aimed to do, I am 1000% ok with it. I am so happy and excited about all these new friends : )

Now, let’s get to our font and design tip for today!

img: sample of Oregano Script

The Comfortable Oregano

If you take a pleasant stroll in the central business district area of your neighborhood, you might see many restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores using organic brush lettering on their signs or products. (Right now we aren’t able to do this walk, but hopefully, soon we can. )

Organic brush lettering has been used throughout history for small businesses, especially in food or dining. Nowadays, we often see these scripts in food packaging, restaurants, and grocery stores. We love brush scripts because they appear effortless and remind us of what we could do when we want to create with very little pressure.

Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its perfect moments out of ordinary ones. — Bruce Garrabrandt

Oregano Script is organic looking (it’s named after a plant!) but with some rough edges. You even get a glimpse of the mark left by the paintbrush at the end of its strokes. The shapes of its letters are organic, but the letters feel quicker, rougher than your formal (highly decorative) script like Nathalia. Oregano Script is perfect for your creative brand personalities. It can also work for artisanal food brands or brands with an organic focus.

img: two brands pictured here: Aldo and Lush. Aldo is a shoe brand. Lush is natural cosmetics. Both use script lettering in the campaigns. Aldo’s script is more organic; the letters are connected. Lush is more about personalization and emphasis, capitalized letters.

How to use Oregano Script


Perfect for food brands, also DIY, or Creative brand personality. Strong “brush” appearance hints that it could potentially work for a cosmetic brand.

Typography System

This is a display font (for a quick review on display font, see Bungee). Use for showy purposes only, like social media.

Cautiously avoid

Creating body text using this font. Too small and too many.

Creative Prompt

If you have a brand that focuses on DIY products or Cosmetics, create an Instagram post with this font and see what happens!

You Made it!

You can find Oregano Script here.

img: quick infographic about Oregano Script

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Have a lovely week and see you in the next issue! 👋

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