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Reviewing The Font: Jost & Tips on How To Use It

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Hi there! 👋

I hope this week has been a great start so far! This weekend I didn’t do much, mostly taking a much-needed, post-vaccine break to relax. I also saw some lovely blooming cherry blossoms. I hope you are enjoying the nice weather wherever you are!

Now, let’s get to our design and font tips for the day.


img: sample of Jost

From Futura to Jost

We can’t talk about Jost without mentioning Futura. Futura is a Bauhaus-inspired geometric sans serif. Bauhaus1 is an influential art and design movement that embraced simplicity, bold lines, and geometric shapes. Futura exhibits these qualities through its letterforms. The circular letters, like “O”, and triangular letters like “A” are nearly perfect. The strokes making up the letters have very little contrast, much like bold, solid lines of Bauhaus.

Jost is inspired by Futura but designed with the digital era in mind. It retained the geometric qualities and added additional design elements, such as the contrast in thick and thin strokes, for more favorable usability on digital screens.


img: left– The commemorative plaque for the 1969 moon landing is typeset in Futura. source: NASA. right–movie poster for 2001: a space odyssey typeset in Futura

Font Details

Jost is highly geometric, like Futura. If you look at the “O”, it’s almost a perfect circle. In addition, Jost has alternate style characters for the letter “a” to give you more options when creating logos. It is also under active development as a variable font, a cutting-edge font technology where you can store multiple variations of a type family into a single font file.


img: left — O’s in Jost are nearly perfect circles. right — “a” is available in both single-story and double-story styles.


img: Jost variable font version. You can interpolate weight and italic slant so you can choose the amount of bold and slant in the letters. This is supported on most browsers.

How can we use this for logo and branding?

There is friendliness and perfection to this font. The nearly perfect geometric shapes like “O” give it extra wholesomeness and joy. It is excellent for a brand that looks to be happy and cheerful.

How can we use this for marketing?

The Light and Regular weights of Jost are very lovely. It can be fun to use the Light or Extra Light in large sizes for emphasis in your marketing graphics.

Jost’s many weights also make it a good candidate for many different types of projects. It can support a more complex information project, like a landing page. If you are thinking about using Jost for text-heavy projects, be mindful that the more geometric aspect of Jost will jump out of the page occasionally.


img: Jost Extra Light looks nice using a large size pairing with smaller bold


img: an example of combining different weights of Jost


img: Jost used on menu; source: indestructible type


img: Jost as a system font; source: indestructible type

Quick overview

⭢ Font Details

  • Alternate lowercase “a”
  • Long ascenders and descenders
  • Interrobang (maybe you can find an excellent way to use it in your brand?)
  • Variable font available

img: interrorbang is an unconventional punctuation mark that combines question mark and exclamation mark

⭢ Logo & Branding

This font is cheerful. Its geometric shapes jump out at you. It’s perfect for a brand that emphasis on shapes, modernity, and happiness.

⭢ Typography System(marketing, presentation, and website)

Have enough weights to support more complex projects. It can pair with Source Serif Pro or Piazzolla


img: sample of Piazzolla and Jost being used together

Cautiously avoid

Making line-height too tight. Jost has large ascenders and descenders and will look much better with relaxed line height.


img: ascender and descender of letters


img: left– Jost with tight line height. Because the ascenders and descenders are long, when the line height is tight, the line space between texts gets tighter than normal; right–Jost with relaxed line height.

Creative prompt

Can you create a visual using Jost?

Phew, you made it.

Jost is available here.

Have more questions about design and fonts? Please email me! [email protected] or find me on Twitter at @HuaTweets

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