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Reviewing The Font: Bungee and How To Use IT

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Every week, we profile a new font and dive into trends, facts, and how-tos about using it. Welcome to our third profile!

And today we have:


img: Samples of Bungee

The Story of Bungee

Do you wish you knew a font that can instantly get people's attention?

Enter Bungee: a versatile display font that combines function and styles. Many styles.

Bungee takes inspiration from the streets: signs, posters, urban life. If we are talking font categories, Bungee is a sans serif (we'll talk more about sans serif another time). Bungee is also a display font: it is used for big and flashy, and hence, display purposes.

Display fonts are either decorative or functional. Think about it -- a sign can go two ways: owners either want you to notice it by the flashy design or notice it from a few extra miles away. The no-fuss functional design increases visibility from a distance.


New Yorker Building, credit: nycgo.com

Bungee is an extremely versatile display font with several styles: hairline, shade, inline, outline, and normal. The normal style of Bungee shows you its overall shape, and the more decorative versions are built from this structure with added lines and shadows. With this combination, we can say that Bungee is a happy marriage of function and style. What you want to express with Bungee all depends on your mood.


Different styles of Bungee

When can we use Bungee?

Bungee is bulky and only has capital letters. If you have a brand that is funky, energetic, friendly -- give Bungee a try! But make sure your brand is still readable in small sizes.

Typography System
The hairline, inline, outline, and shade are great for social media! The normal version is very bulky -- use sparingly. It is very overwhelming to look at for your customers.


Avoid this as much as you can

Cautiously avoid

Don't use versions with thin lines in small sizes. The thin lines design will disappear.

Creative prompt

I want to challenge you — can you make a social media post with Bungee? Bungee is available on Google Fonts. See all Styles Here


Quick infographic about Bungee

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