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Restart Energy A Decentralized and Delocalized Electrical Energy Supply Platform On The Blockchain

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Restart Energy is an advanced energy providers who is now building a worldwide decentralized and delocalized electrical energy supply platform that encompasses all forms of energy to facilitate the buying, selling and distribution of the process into one complete ecosystem that promises to reduce purchasing fees by up to 30% whilst improving the profits of independent suppliers also by 30%.

The software platform, known as RED-P, aims to bridge the gap between energy providers and consumers, and in doing so, it will actively promote those providing, supplying and purchasing renewable forms of energy.

The Restart Energy ecosystem provides integrated energy, gas, and fuel services to households, SMEs, and even multinational companies, in a manner that achieves greater savings and the provision of all forms of energy consumed.

As governments around the world finally begins to acknowledge that our excessive demand for energy is quickly stripping the planet clean of valuable natural resources, the consensus that all countries must innovate to generate power in more environmentally and economically friendly ways is clear, and must be acted upon swiftly.

The end of goal of the RED platform is to create a world in which sustainable, affordable energy can be created and consumed by anyone, anywhere. In an industry worth over US$ 2 trillion per annum, a figure that continues to grow each year, this ambitious projects predicts the functionality, the driving force behind the system, will lead Reset Energy to become the biggest global energy supplier, with a next-generation business model to suit better the digital age.

Restart Energy, a company developed by Armand Doru Domuta in 2015, is responsible for the development of the first and only energy retail franchise in Europe, and has been ranked number one independent supplier in the deregulated household gas market and number two in the deregulated energy household market in Romania. Using its existing network the company was the first to accept Bitcoin as payment, and has already gone some way to proving the viability of its new project.

How Restart and the RED-P Software Works

The RED-P enables the listing, and purchasing of renewable energy directly from providers who produce solar, wind, hydro, etc, electricity in payments of bankable energy and green certificates with offtake agreements. Unlike similar services, Restart doesn’t just serve to create more energy providers, it also provides a way for all users to access to all energy providers, not just the legacy players who currently hold a large market share, and thus a form of monoploly, in deregulated countries.

The power is then made available on the RED network for direct peer-to-peer energy transactions exchanged between providers and consumers, driven by the MegaWatt Token (MWAT) Tokens built on the Ehtereum blockchain. This process eliminates the need for a national grid to act as a middleman who, by law, demands that all private energy providers who produce more than they consume must sell the excess back to the grid at an extremely low cost, and should the provider then need to purchase additional electricity one month, he too must pay the inflated premium as other non-providers.

Using the RED online portal, or the accompanying mobile application, providers can list their supply, be it gas, wind and/or solar, and users can search to find the most suitable form of energy for their specific use. Once the user has sourced his/hers preferred energy source, a decision that can be amended every 30 days, they purchase the energy using the MWAT tokens. The provider then receives the tokens as payment, and will also be rewarded additional tokens in accordance to whatever eco-friendly renewable energy was traded.

In additional to focusing on eliminating bureaucracy in all the activities of its value chain, customers can opt to only be supplied by 100% renewable energy sources. Furthermore the system also provides automated invoices, payments, and receipts to help users maintain better fuel management, be it personal or commercial.

All in all Restart Energy’s online portal and mobile app aims to help users better organize fuel management to earn savings with the highest level of transparency.

Advantages of RED

Despite the deregulation of the energy market, which in theory allows smaller organisations to mobilise themselves as a fully function energy provider/supplier, the initial capital investment and on-going over heads, as well as whole host of legal fees, renders the opportunity useless to most. Large corporations still hold more power to buy or lease the required equipment, hardware, and infrastructure, as well as costs for third-party, or even in-house staff and services. Therefore in reality, nothing much has really changed.

The current model provides very little opportunity for smaller, start-up companies to compete in the industry, no matter how good a service it can provide. But by adopting the Reset’s RED system, a provider who may be able to offer a better, more affordable solution than a customers currently supplier, can be discovered.

By finally opening up the deregulation to all those wishing to invest in renewable energy, Reset creates a less hectic landscape where the provider can sell directly to the customer, without having to first sell the excess energy back to the grid, and the customer purchases directly from the source, alos eliminating the need for the grind.

Development and Expansion

Once signed up to the network users are given access to providers in the global energy supply, intelligent wifi meters, watt prediction software peer-to-peer (P2P) energy exchange, and a users earn green certificates for using renewable energy.

To aid worldwide adoption, RED allows users to become official resellers, broking deals with others in the region, nationally, or worldwide. In order to obtain the rights to open a franchise the user must hold a certain amount of tokens in their account (not as a payment, but more so as a security deposit). Although the tech is being developed in Romania, with the Balkans next on the list for expansion, there are said to be successful franchises trailed in Europe.

The requirements for starting a RED franchise are:

10,000 Tokens — Red City Franchise — broker energy sales in ther city of residence

100.000 Tokens — RED Regional Franchise — broker energy sales in an entire region of their country of residence

1.000.000 Tokens — Red Country Franchise — broker energy sales in their entire country of residence

+10.000.000 Tokens — RED Master Franchise — country exclusivity and the option to create sub-franchises inside their country of residence (starting from 10,000,000 Tokens up, dependent on population)

The company is offering two ways to operate as a franchise. Those with capital to invest, can benefit from purchasing an all-in-one solution that allows the ‘Master Franchisee’ access to all function on RED’s platform. Those without large sums to invest may still get involved with the project by becoming a reseller. Here initial start-up fees are low, but so too is the turn over nevertheless this solution does provide a great way for those looking to enter the market.

Franchise owner’s benefit from the following:

· Power retail business in a shell

· Cheaper renewable energy & gas to households

· Cheaper renewable energy & gas to businesses

· Access to RED ecosystem and franchisee’s

· Access to Complete Energy Supply CRM Software with 100% process automation

· Access to Restart Energy specialized personnel and management to assist and fully support the franchise and its owners

· Energy & gas trading, balancing and forecasting technical support

· Marketing and Branding packages

· Energy efficiency products and services

· Renewable energy products and services

· Mobile app’s access

· Access to P2P Energy Exchange on the RED Platform

With energy consumption expected to rise more than twice the current demand by 2030, the need for a new system that can better manage how energy is supplied becomes even greater, not just in terms of profit, but also in terms of promoting sustainable energy and helping to preserve the planet’s resources with a greener future in mind.

By using blockchain the technology Reset and the RED-P software platform can reduce transaction fees, lowering the overall costs for both consumers and small local producers to save on production and earn more money in sale using direct peer-to-peer energy trading.

Valuable Information

Coin Name : Restart Energy (MWAT)

Total Supply : 500,000,000

Circulating Supply : -

Market Cap : 30 000 000 USD

Pre Ico Price : -

Ico Price : 1 MWAT = 0.1 USD

Tokens/Money Raised Through ICO : 30 000 000 USD

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Name :Armand Doru Domuta

Title :CEO & Founder

Bio : Armand has scaled Restart Energy in the last 10 years into a diversified energy company in Romania and developed over 500 energy projects.

LinkedIn :https://www.linkedin.com/in/armand-doru-domuta-31994123/

Name :Renato Doicaru

Title :COO & Co-Founder

Bio : Renato is responsible for performing all activities of procuring and trading electricity. He has worked with Armand Group from the beginning.

LinkedIn :https://www.linkedin.com/in/renato-doicaru-51b96955/

Name :Cristian Bogdan

Title :CFO

Bio : 14 years track record in financial industry, mostly in top banks, brought Cristian a comprehensive understanding of business.

LinkedIn :https://www.linkedin.com/in/cristian-bogdan-14b82638/

Name :Andrei Avram

Title :CTO

Bio : Expert Evaluator for the European Commission regarding disruptive ICT startups, with 10 years of experience in developing IT-related businesses.

LinkedIn :https://www.linkedin.com/in/avramandrei/

Name :Dorian Lupu

Title :Lead Software Architect

Bio : Dorian has over 10 years of experience developing new features for in-house applications and micro-services architectures.

LinkedIn :https://www.linkedin.com/in/dorianlupu/

Name :Ovidiu Brindus

Title :CSO

Bio : Head of Sales, Ovidiu is responsible for building up all internal and external sales channels. His law background and experience in sales.

LinkedIn :https://www.linkedin.com/in/ovidiu-brindus-0239a9109/

Name :Lina Constantinovici

Title :Head of international business development

Bio : With over 20 years cross-sector experience, Lina has contributed to building dozens of successful companies as CFO, CEO and COO.

LinkedIn :https://www.linkedin.com/in/linaconstantinovici/

Name :Max Unger

Title :TGE Sales Manager

Bio : Max is a serial entrepreneur and blockchain consultant who has been involved in the industry for more than six years. His background is in

LinkedIn :https://www.linkedin.com/in/max-unger-944553150/

Name :Azam Shaghaghi

Title :PR Manager

Bio : Azam is an entrepreneur and blockchain consultant. She has passion for innovation and disruptive technology to bring positive global impacts.

LinkedIn :https://www.linkedin.com/in/azamshaghaghi/

Name :Rebeca Dragomir

Title :Marketing Manager

Bio : Rebeca is Marketing Manager with 8 years’ experience in the Marketing field and has been at Restart Energy since its beginning.

LinkedIn :https://www.linkedin.com/in/rebeca-monica-dragomir-769aa125/

Name :Eng. Viorica Gheorghe

Title :Chief of Markets

Bio : Viorica is Chief of Markets and Forecast specialist with 12 years’ experience in operating OPCOM markets.

LinkedIn :https://www.linkedin.com/in/viorica-gheorghe-b670186a/

Name :Eng. Mara Grigore

Title :Head of Large Accounts

Bio : Mara is Head of Large Accounts with 20 years of experience as Key Account Manager for top energy companies like Arelco Power.

LinkedIn :https://www.linkedin.com/in/mara-grigore-7498284a/

Name :Eng. Marian Iriza-Voinea

Title :Head of Gas Supply

Bio : Head of Gas Supply at Restart Energy, Marian counts with 6 years of gas distribution experience and 10 years of gas supply experience.

LinkedIn :https://www.linkedin.com/in/iriza-voinea-marian-8b738769/

Name :Alexandru Tarcan

Title :Online Sales Manager

Bio : Head of online sales, with experience in sales and purchasing fields in last 15 years and basic specialization computer programming.

LinkedIn :https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexandru-tarcan-5423467/

NOTE: restart Energy offers 24-hour support through telephone and multiple online platforms:

· Facebook Messenger, Mobile App, Facebook Bot and WhatsApp.

· Facebook customer rating — score 4.9/5 out of 187 evaluations — highest score among energy companies.


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