Does Your Company Suffer From Extreme Blockchain Complexity?by@sayaiwasaki
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Does Your Company Suffer From Extreme Blockchain Complexity?

by Saya IwasakiFebruary 20th, 2018
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I’ve come across quite a few blockchain companies that are pitching an amazing idea, but can’t get their message to move communities because it’s hard to understand.
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Synthesize your blockchain protocols, whitepapers and token sales into visual graphics so that everyone’s life becomes simpler.

I’ve come across quite a few blockchain companies that are pitching an amazing idea, but can’t get their message to move communities because it’s hard to understand.

Usability will determine your company’s success, so why not invest in making it as easy as possible for people to adopt you?

Quick Test

There Is A Solution!

Using visuals is a powerful way to prevent confusion and murkiness around what your company does.

The Benefits of Using Visuals

Here are 4 benefits. Overall, using visuals will help people know what you’re offering and how your technology functions.

This helps reduce miscommunication, confusion and even possibly FUD.

“Brevity is the soul of wit!” — Bo Ren (recalling her English teacher’s lesson)

Keep People Interested

People will be inspired to do more research into what you do. They’ll actually be curious about your tech instead of your token value. Whitepapers are important, but they’re so dense!

Why don’t you add visuals and use language that makes the content easier to understand?

Great job, KPMG!

Lower the Learning Curve

Using visuals reduces the technical jargon and therefore, makes it easier for people to join your community.

Share the Good Stuff Easily

“A picture is a thousand words.” In really active telegram chats (around ~10K to 50K), there is at least one message per second. Images that convey information without being too much to read will help answer questions rapidly and accurately. It is one way of conveying your message efficiently and as quickly as possible on different media platforms.

Attract the Right Investors

Delivering clear messaging as concisely as possible will resonate with the right investors and users. This means that the investors and users you get might actually care a lot about your technology and your success, rather than making a quick buck. This especially applies to crypto-companies that need stable utility tokens.

What Can You Do?

  • Understand your protocol, your system, your vision and everything about your company in the finest details.
  • Connect all of the important points.
  • Think about what you want as your end goal. Where are you trying to push people towards? What do you want them to do? What is keeping them from getting there?

By knowing this, you can design the content that will help people get to your call-to-action.

Here are three main points to keep in mind:

Show the big picture.

By helping people envision the system and how it all works, you are giving them the foundational information with one quick look.

Showing how blockchain works in the diamond industry.

Make it look good.

The design has to be appealing, on brand and also really exciting to look at. Bad aesthetics will make your graphic look less appealing, when the goal is to make it look more appealing.

(one piece of a protocol explanation)

Balance text and image.

Sometimes, images don’t explain everything. Think about structuring text so that it’s concise but explanatory — and accommodates the image.

A graphic done for that balances visuals and text.

“That’s Too Hard!”

Ping me! I’ll help you take those sticky high-level concepts and translate them into simple infographics, visuals and explanations.

Doing this makes life easier for everyone and helps the companies doing important work in blockchain grow their community and accelerate their impact. Here’s my personal reason.

Thanks for reading!

Visit Building Blockchain and my website to see some of my explanations, or reach out directly and let’s talk more!

All graphics designed by Saya Iwasaki unless otherwise indicated. Header’s original photo by Emile Séguin on Unsplash. Thank you to Bo Ren and Matthew Lock for reviewing this piece.