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Redesigning TechCrunch

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I used to be a regular TechCrunch reader, but I’ve been struggling with their messy and slow UI for a while. As a big fan of cleaner and faster interfaces and inspired by Hacker News, CNN Lite and the early Product Hunt, I wanted to spend a day redesigning TechCrunch.

Disclaimer: This is a personal project that may not reflect the views of TC. Designed by and for http://fairpixels.pro

Here’s the result:


The way Reddit, Hacker News, Product Hunt and other platforms use upvotes, helps a good chunk of their users quickly navigate through what’s popular. A website like TC, visited by investors and others that would love to have a quick overview of what’s trending, can dramatically improve the way people navigate by seeing what’s popular.


The difference between TC compared to HN and Reddit is that the stories are written by their own authors. It’s not a social network that links to other websites, they’re a news publishing company. Having the upvote system, combined with in-house written content, creates a unique experience. One could potentially even follow particular authors who regularly write about the subjects that interests you.


Besides the Popular, Latest and Jobs feeds, there could be feeds that deliver more value to the users. Feeds for deals, events and other categories that could be monetized, while still keeping a clean and fast interface.

That’s it.

If you’d like to play around with the source files of this design, you can download and use the Sketch files here for free.

I’m lead designer at Fairpixels.pro — where we offer unlimited UI design for web and mobile development teams.


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