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Recent American and Foregin Patents

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Self-Acting Shackle and Car Brake.—Lyman Alphonzo Russell, Shrewsbury, Vt.—This invention relates to improvements in self-acting shackles and car brakes, and consists in an improved connection of the brakes with the shackle, for automatic operation, whereby the connection may be readily so adjusted that the brakes will not be set in action as when required to back up the train. Feed Bags for Horses.—W. A. Hough, South Butler, N. Y.—This invention relates to a new and useful improvement in feed bags for horses, and consists in making the bag self-supplying, by means of one or more reservoirs, the discharge orifices of which reservoirs are closed by a valve or valves. Truss.—Adam Hinoult, Montgomery, N. Y.—This invention has for its object to furnish an improved truss, which shall be so constructed as to yield freely to the various movements of the body of the wearer, while holding the rupture securely in place.

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