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Reasons why you should participate in ICOs

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Thanks to the development of bitcoin in 2009, a lot of cryptocurrencies and tokens have been established. Currently, there are around 1500 tokens in the blockchain world, and the number continues to increase. Every established token is followed by the process of Initial Coin Offering (ICO). It is a process through which the startups are raising funds for different cryptocurrencies, and are trying to attract as much participants as they can.

As it seems, ICOs have changed the rules of raising funds for the new promising projects with the help of the blockchain technology. They have gained attention from many different people and companies. So far, there are more than 30 ICOs that resulted in more than $1 billion in funding. We believe that this trend will continue and 2018 will become even bigger year for ICOs and blockchain projects.

However, there are still skeptics about this new trend. But, we believe that there are many advantages of participating in an ICO project. For that reason, we are sharing some reasons why you should join and participate in some ICO project:

It’s a win-win situation

ICO is considered as a win-win situation for both entrepreneur and participant. The entrepreneurs are raising funds for their projects, while at the same time the participants are gaining a profit for a short period of time.

Prices have a huge possibilities to increase

When someone starts an ICO, prices are set at their lowest. However, they will increase in the future, depending on how much people will join in that project. When you participate in ICO and buy cryptocurrency, you can be sure that your investment will increase in value. When a particular token is established in the exchange platforms, it will be exposed to many participants and traders. This exposure will grow into higher prices.

Participants get discounted prices

With a goal of creating awareness and attracting as much participants as they can, the entrepreneurs give a discount on sales when they start an ICO project. In order to get many people signing up and participating in their projects, they need to give them something in return. That is how the participants get discounted prices and enjoy all benefits in that ICO project. It is important to mention that participants can get discounted prices only during the ICO, not when it is finished.

Your contribution will be quickly returned

The process of ICO is not taking too much time, it usually takes up to 1 month. When you join some ICO, you contribute a certain amount of money for which you are given tokens that can be traded through various platforms. When the ICO ends, the price of the tokens will start increasing, your contribution will be quickly returned, and you will get even more tokens with higher value than your contribution at the beginning.

Energy Premier recognizes the importance and advantages of the ICOs. That’s why we have established an ICO that is currently followed by a presale.


Energy Premier is a blockchain-based electricity trading platform that enables users to trade electricity in a faster, safer and cheaper way, by utilizing the EPC token smart contracts. Our mission is to create a place where electricity bidding will take 30 minutes from your time, with the help of the blockchain technology. The use of the blockchain technology makes Energy Premier completely trustworthy and reliable place. The blockchain not only ensures that tokens that are sent to a recipient are delivered within seconds without any third party, but also provides security due to the smart contracts — eliminating potential for fraud.

The Energy Premier presale is currently ongoing, and the ICO starts at September 21st. We would like to share some reasons why you should join our ICO:

  • we have a live and working product, with lead users
  • EPC token is the most secure digital coin for electricity trading
  • we are disrupting and innovating the current market model in a much more consumer/ supplier friendly way
  • we have professional team of blockchain experts
  • we enable access to the electricity retail sector
  • energy retail, apart from oil, is a relatively stable sector, selling a product that everybody needs — electricity, without risky market swings — offering also EPC token stability

You can see by yourself that everything we say is true — discover our platform at and participate in our presale or ICO at!


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