Reality Sucks Isn’t It?

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Reality Sucks:

It has been 5 years, Rony(Fictional) is still struggling to give his startup that financial stability to help it scale. He tried everything, he wore all the hats, he sold his dream to many, great promises were made to him by some, he ran on high hopes, a relentless desire to make it someday, he hustled, he toiled, got very little success but mostly the rejections. But he is still hopeful, pleading , asking for help, seeking financial support for his startup but all in vein.

This is the reality of many startup hustlers, it sucks, but it’s cool you know

Why It Happens?

No one accepts that they are not meant to be an entrepreneur. Instead of doing what their heart said they accidentally ventured into this league of startup and now hustling to safeguard their own wrong doing. They are defending and fighting with themselves deep within, but not willing to give up or change just because of fear of failing & loosing their credibility. What credibility does one have and why one wants to save it, who is looking, who damn cares, no one, so please don’t kill yourself and be honest to introspect and accept your weakness.

If we can listen to our inner calling, our intuition, we will find that we are meant to be something else, we may be far better in art, in sports, in speaking, in cooking, in singing, in dancing but we seldom give a thought to that dimension and make it our profession. We may be good at reading, teaching, writing, or good at creating humor out of nothing, the point is that everyone is talented enough to make a career out of it, but we are not liberated to avoid the rat race.

Anything which starts trending suddenly seems to be a glittering gold to all and all starts to chase that dream which may never come true for them.

Which is the case in this startup world currently everyone talented, not so talented, mediocre, day dreamers all think that they will create a castle someday where they will live happily forever. What they forget that reality may not be so rosy as it looks from outside. The only winners are those who have the skills and the clarity about what they want to become or what they want to do, they work in milestones and have unwavering focus to act on their plan . They are realistics in their approach and don’t waste time in day dreaming .For them only valuable aasset they have is time and they are master in managing it to reap the fruit they desire.

Be Real And Work On Yourself Fisrt:

There is nothing wrong in dreaming what really should be a concern is that is it your cup of tea , has to be realised or answered. The question should not be how big my business can become, question should be can you sell it without huslting, if you have to huslt to sell, you have the answer that it is not working for you. It is better to change model or product vision or fail fast. In current market scenario hustling is no more paying , smart people hustle less, invest their time where their is return and gradually work to scale it to next level.

If you are not a good seller you can’t be a great entrepreneur for sure.


Well i have lot to share and can write an essay but for now i will end up this post with a thought:

Go get what you want but make sure you truly are prepared and skilled enough to pursue your dream. If you feel like you are not meant for it , be wise enough to accept and move on to venture into something new which is your cup of tea.


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