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December 24th 2017
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@jayzJay Zalowitz

Co-Founder of Hackernoon

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So, um, that tax bill means you should probably donate this year.

Preface: We acknowledge that the following statement does not apply to a very large portion (60%) of our readership. You should all still give this year, because you are all still awesome.

According to a recent email from personal capital:

The new standard deduction will be $12,000 for single filers and $24,000 for married filers. If you itemize now, but are unlikely to itemize in 2018 because of the higher standard deductions and limits on state tax deductions, it may make sense to accelerate charitable contributions you would make next year into this year. Whether cash, appreciated securities or stuff, donations this year could get you a refund that won’t apply next year.

For a lot of people in the US, that means that if you can give more this year, you can do a lot more good earlier, and actually get tax benefits. Just a thought.

Since we have a habit of highlighting awesome giving at the publication, we wanted to make sure that we pointed out some really awesome charities we plan on giving some money to ourselves this year.

If you work for or know a great nonprofit, please let us know by responding. We’re looking to publish about charities that use technology, and/or are intuitive and innovate in how to best give back. Just tweet @jayzalowitz or @Hackernoon.

The Foresight Institute

The Foresight Institute focuses on advancing the benefits and avoiding the risks of technologies that are of fundamental importance for the human future. (Nano, Cyber, AI, etc) (Site Video)

**Bonus points on this one: They are in the middle of a $45,000 (~3 bitcoin) challenge grant where everything given before the end of the year will be doubled. They accept major crypto-coin donations.**

Donate to Foresight


Seriously, 1/10 people in the planet live without access to clean water.

Access to clean water means education, income and health — especially for women and kids.

Do I really have to convince you to give here?

Donate to charity:water


Seriously. Do I really have to convince you guys that we need to educate girls in addition to boys? Mona is awesome, they fund things for years, they have long term goals in mind, they are getting my support.

Donate to Mona

Black Girls Code

I’m going to take for granted that most of the readers of this letter are in tech in some format. Odds are we all had a reason we got into this industry. As someone who grew up in Memphis, I’d love to see more cities give a lot of amazing people the opportunity to get into a STEM career when they otherwise wouldn’t have.

Donate to BGC

Electronic Frontier Foundation

So. The web had a bad year. Net neutrality got taken out in the same way 2016 took out all the celebrities. Get on #TeamInternet.

(Betty White is still alive before you check.)

Donate to the EFF


Watsi helps people not die and get good healthcare worldwide. So, I mean, if you are against that, you might qualify to be a Dan Brown novel villain.

Also, they have gift cards, so if any of you guys are trolls (who you?,) its a great gift for the opposing side of the healthcare debate in the U.S.

Donate to Watsi

Compute for cancer.

Cancer is bad, you have spare compute on your phone and other devices (that aren’t good for mining cryptocurrencies.) Lending your cell phone’s compute just may save your life.

Donate to C4C

Thanks for giving this Holiday season!

All of our love to you and yours,

Jay, David, Linh, baby Norah, and the rest of the @ami crew.

P.S. As a message from the entire crew, we are really appreciative to have all of our writers, readers, and friends in our community. This year we have grown an insane amount. We just crossed the top 5k sites globally on Alexa and the top 2k in the United States.

Our readership is insanely dedicated, we had nearly 1 million minutes of reading on site yesterday, which is actively blowing our mind.

Holy Avocado on Toast Batman

You are all the greatest gift we could be lucky enough to receive, and we want to let you know how grateful we are for each and every one of you.

P.P.S. I know some of you wonderful people don’t have the monetary bandwidth to give at the moment, thats ok. Remember that sometimes just one small deed (like a smile) can change the world, and also, if you code, you have a few more options.



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