React Native Vs Flutter : Which one is better?

In this case both are new technology..

Now this is the little confusion to choose which one is better? but i try to justify trending topic this time.

React Native

React Native is one of the most emerging, open- source application development frameworks. It was developed by Facebook with the motive to bring the concepts from web development into mobile development. React Native is used for building iOS and Android apps. React Native was released in March, 2015. In this framework, development is done in JavaScript. However, the app appearance seems to be like a native app.


Flutter is Google’s mobile app SDK for developing high-quality native interfaces on Android and iOS in a record time of 120 FPS. Flutter works with the existing code and the ease that it offers has resulted in its adoption by developers and organizations around the world. Flutter is developed by Google. It is also used for developing iOs and Android apps. Flutter was released in May 2017.The SDK is completely free and is launched in open source format for developers to explore and create amazing, powerful cross platform apps around.

To keep thins short, here are some key Performance points:

  • Things in which Flutter is better than React Native
  • The Stateful Widget in Flutter that provides a place that helps to store and change data dynamically that would be similar to react and react native.
  • The recommended IDEs for Flutter app development include Android Studio and IntelliJ Idea. These are easy and awesome to work with for a developer who has already worked on Android.
  • React native has very less tooling support than flutter. Flutter can be developed in one of the best IDE i.e Android studio and others.
  • Although React Native has Hot Reload, it is not as fast as Flutter.
  • With React Native the situation becomes difficult as it comes to the selection of navigator because of no navigator in React.

Things React Native is better at than Flutter

  • Styles aren’t separated in Flutter, you would need to give inline styling while creating each component.
  • Flutter is known for Animation and UI customization, however, it is comparatively more difficult to implement animations in flutter than in React Native.
  • Flutter doesn’t have enough resources to fix things up as till date it hasn’t received much attention from StackOverflow. This makes it harder for the developers to quickly build applications.
  • Modularity in Flutter never exists. It is almost impossible to inherit one component into another in Flutter app development.
  • flutter is not released fully 100%. The beta developement process is on. we hope one thing in flutter. This is Google release so we expect helping community from Google too easy.

Why react native is trusted.have you use this apps Facebook,Instagram,Skype,Walmart and so. These all are developed in react native.

Anyway, we already described it clearly so that you will be having the better intelligibility about which one is the best, just need to visit the Bacancy Technology website for more information about React Native Or Flutter

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