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Qwasapbot, now with What3Words

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As you know if you use Telegram and its wonderful bots, one of the most simple and beautiful functions of Qwasapbot is to share a map and coordinates easily from any chat, group or Telegram channel.

To do this, simply type @qwasapbot followed by an address, city and country. Then, click on the option that will be displayed. The result is that you get the coordinates and a map that, when you click in it, it opens in Google Maps indicating the address you have chosen.

Well, from now on, every time you type inside Telegram: @qwasapbot followed by an address, city or country (can also be coordinates) you will get two options:

1) The one that gives you a map of Google Maps.

2) Another with the option of a What3Words map, which uses a 3-word coordinate system that is easy to remember.

Try it in any Telegram chat!

Having said that, it is now time to develop it a little …

What is What3Words?

What3words is a unique combination of only 3 words that identifies a square of 3m x 3m. Anywhere in the world.

Said in words of its own developers:

It is a more accurate system than a postal address and easier to remember, use and share than a set of coordinates. Better identification of addresses improves the customer experience, provides commercial efficiency, boosts growth and enables the social and economic development of countries.

Here you can read more about the What3Words system.

So you can now choose two systems to share a location using the inline function of @qwasapbot which is undoubtedly the easiest way to share a location in Telegram and out of Telegram.

What3Words also has apps for your mobile devices

There is one for Android and one for iPhone. If you have installed the app, the link to the map will open directly in the app, which may be more practical and give you more options. If you do not have the app installed, the map will open in the internal Telegram browser or the one that you have configured.


In Qwasap we always want to improve this useful communication tool. We found it a good system for sharing locations and we have not hesitated to incorporate it as an option. Every time you use @qwasapbot inline, you can choose what you want to get: a map of Google Maps and decimal coordinates or a map of What3Word with 3-words coordinates.

And now, a nice video, in case you feel like going deeper:


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