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Python Libraries That One Must Try For Fun

by M Shehzen SidiqDecember 30th, 2022
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Here we will look some libraries that are fun to work with and can get rid of our boringness. These libraries are used in machine learning applications, for making games and for making GUI applications. These are beginner friendly and can be learnt and mastered in few days to few weeks at most.
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If you’re already tired with Python’s more cut-and-dry applications, boy do I have news for you. I’ve spent some time collecting python libraries that are just absolute fun to play around with and are a great way to spice up your learning journey if you feel like you’re getting bored from some of the more traditional applications of the programming language.

These libraries are used in machine learning, video games, GUI applications, and, to do some cool stuff with images. If you’re a machine learning follower, you might have guessed some of them from the featured image. So without further ado, let’s get into the good stuff.


Feeling bored and looking to spend time by playing a video game? Why not build your own with Python? The Pygame package is perfect for when you want to program games using simple and straightforward logic.

The library is a set of Python modules that include support for graphics, sound, input handling, and other miscellaneous aspects necessary for building an interactive video game. And what better way to try it out than to create the legendary “snake” game.

Checkout Pygame here. pygame logo


One aspect of Python is its ability to write GUI applications. But instead of spending time researching which one is best suited for you, I’ll go ahead and recommend one: PyQt. I recommend it because it is powerful and very interesting to work with.

The library is a set of Python bindings for the Qt cross-platform application framework and can be used to build desktop applications with a graphical user interface. All you need is an idea and some basic logic, and you’ll be on your way to make an awesome application filled with functionalities and features.

Checkout PyQt here.


Open CV

Say you’re looking to write a program that deals with image and image processing. Things like:

1. A face detector.

2. A number plate detector.

3. Or an emotion detector.

Then the library best suited for such applications is Open CV, a collection of algorithms and tools for image and video processing.

The library is great for tasks such as object detection, face recognition, and image manipulation, and serves as a great starting point for learning the basics of image processing and deep learning.

Check Open CV out here. opencv

Final Words

While these are just a few examples, they are good for beginners and can be learned and mastered in a few days to weeks at most. Also, feel free to seek other libraries that can be used for fun projects and experimentation. Good luck!