Python for Beginners, Part 1: How to Download and Install Python by@cleverprogrammer

Python for Beginners, Part 1: How to Download and Install Python

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I will show you how to download and install Python in less than 2 minutes! We will be up and running super fast and get to working on some cool stuff. So what are you waiting for, let's get started!


00:00- Two questions.

00:01Why are you so beautiful and what the heck

00:04was I just talking about?

00:05Today we're gonna learn how to install Python

00:08in less than five minutes.

00:10So let's get started.


00:17Okay, so the first thing you have to do

00:19is open a new tab in Chrome or Internet Explorer

00:21or Mozilla Firefox.

00:22Go to your web browser, type in Python 3 download.

00:27Simple as that.

00:28Click the first thing that your eye can see or can't see.

00:31That's how fast you should be clicking.

00:33And instead of Python 2.7, let's go to the latest version

00:37and install Python 3.51.

00:40You get this download bar at the bottom here,

00:41click continue, continue, continue, agree, right?

00:46You can read those licenses, but just do it.

00:50And simply hit install.

00:53So I'm gonna hit install, I'm gonna type in my password,

00:55let's wait for the install.

00:57Alright, so our download was successful.

00:59Move to trash.01:01Alright, after you're done installing it,

01:05I want you to do something simple and look for

01:07an app called idle.

01:09You should now have it, and effectively here,

01:13you should be able to run your Python code.

01:15Let's try five plus five, boom!

01:17It's giving us something.

01:1810 times 20, yes.

01:20X is equal to five, x times five,

25.01:23It's working.

01:25Print "Hello".

01:28It's all working.

01:29Amazing, we're up and running, you guys,

01:31in just, I don't know, less than five minutes.

01:34Let us simply type in our terminal.

01:39If you're sitting on Mac, you would nee to type in term

01:43like this, hit enter, and you should come to this screen

01:46and if you type in Python, it should now be running

01:50your Python as well, and you should be able to just type

01:53your code in here.

01:54So, this is how you install Python

01:56and I will see you in the next video.


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