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By the discovered Properties of Light to explain the Colours made by Prisms. Let ABC [in Fig. 12.] represent a Prism refracting the Light of the Sun, which comes into a dark Chamber through a hole Fφ almost as broad as the Prism, and let MN represent a white Paper on which the refracted Light is cast, and suppose the most refrangible or deepest violet-making Rays fall upon the Space Pπ, the least refrangible or deepest red-making Rays upon the Space Tτ, the middle sort between the indigo-making and blue-making Rays upon the Space Qχ, the middle sort of the green-making Rays upon the Space R, the middle sort between the yellow-making and orange-making Rays upon the Space Sσ, and other intermediate sorts upon intermediate Spaces. For so the Spaces upon which the several sorts adequately fall will by reason of the different Refrangibility of those sorts be one lower than another. Now if the Paper MN be so near the Prism that the Spaces PT and πτ do not interfere with one another, the distance between them Tπ will be illuminated by all the sorts of Rays in that proportion to one another which they have at their very first coming out of the Prism, and consequently be white. But the Spaces PT and πτ on either hand, will not be illuminated by them all, and therefore will appear coloured. And particularly at P, where the outmost violet-making Rays fall alone, the Colour must be the deepest violet. At Q where the violet-making and indigo-making Rays are mixed, it must be a violet inclining much to indigo. At R where the violet-making, indigo-making, blue-making, and one half of the green-making Rays are mixed, their Colours must (by the construction of the second Problem) compound a middle Colour between indigo and blue. At S where all the Rays are mixed, except the red-making and orange-making, their Colours ought by the same Rule to compound a faint blue, verging more to green than indigo. And in the progress from S to T, this blue will grow more and more faint and dilute, till at T, where all the Colours begin to be mixed, it ends in whiteness.
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