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Product Hunt’s 14 Best Tools for Remote Workers

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Nowadays, more and more startups are building remote teams as they scale. I have worked with many remote teams executing on a variety of things from hacking on side projects to building things while in YCombinator. If you’ve ever been part of a remote team, you’d know there are both pros and cons to running an organization remotely.

One of the massive downsides of working remotely is the inherent challenges that come with distance. It is isolating. While all of your coworkers are sitting next to each other, you are typing alone in your room. On top of that, it can often be challenging to get shit done without direct access to your teammates.

Luckily, there are now thousands of software tools and resources made specifically for helping remote workers do their jobs better.

I put together a list of the best ones:





Dropbox Paper


Development & Design



Board for Github



Zoom or Pluot


Every Time Zone


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