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How To Make A Record of Selenium Test

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Selenium is a open-source free and automation testing tool for web applications across all different browsers. It is quite similar as HP QuickTest Pro (QTP, currently UFT). However, Selenium mainly focused on automating web-based applications. So the testing done using Selenium tool is referred as Selenium Testing.

In order to record a test, follow the given steps:
Step 1 : Open Mozilla Firefox web browser, go to tools and click on Selenium IDE. There type the link
Now start the recoding procedure and initiate the test case.
Step 2 : After entering the link, you will land on a page.
Step 3 : Now right click on the blank space and select ‘Show Available Commands’ and click on ‘assertTitle ONLINE STORE | Toolsqa Dummy Test site‘.
Step 4 : Enter credentials when asked. enter Username and password and hit the ‘Login’ button.

Step 5 : You can stop the recording by clicking the ‘Record’ button.

To learn more about Selenium Testing, go for Selenium training online.


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