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Patina Leather Shoes

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Pushpendra Singh

We manufacture the most beautiful patina shoes in India ...

We are awestruck by luxury shoes however, there is a shortage of them and high prices looming over us. We got tired of purchasing expensive shoes, therefore we decided to find a way to offer the high-end leather oxford shoes we'd like to wear at a cost that everyone would be happy to own. Based on this idea, Tan & Taw was established. We wanted to provide the best quality shoes at the lowest costs so that every shoe-lover would be able to buy a pair therefore, we've gathered our information and created an intelligently-driven handmade oxford shoes men manufacturing facility. We are a group of skilled artisans who share an identical vision of creating high-end shoes at a reasonable cost. We've eschewed the conventional selling models, and have eliminated all the additional costs that aren't necessary. There are no retail rents, outrageous markups, not even flashy events, and certainly no commercials based on celebrity endorsements. Focusing on the highest quality leather and coloring each pair by hand with distinctive inspiration from the natural world. The best craftsmanship, each pair is delivered straight to the customers.


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