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How to hire a hacker and not get ripped.

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A hacker is a person who uses a computer, network, or other
skills to solve a technical problem. The term hacker can refer to anyone with
technical skills, but it often refers to a person who uses their skills to gain
unauthorized access to systems or networks to commit crimes.

The term hacker has traditionally been divisive and is
sometimes used as a term of admiration for a person who has a high degree of
skill and creativity in their approach to technical problems. However, the term
is more commonly applied to a person who uses this ability for illegal or
unethical purposes.


Types of hackers

The security community has used informal hat color
references as a way to identify different types of hackers, generally divided
into three types: white hat, black hat, and gray hat.

Their strategies are basically the same but the results are
different. When most people talk about hacking, they are usually referring to
black hat hackers. This group has traditionally been classified as
cybercriminals because their main objective is usually personal or financial
gain. However, they can also work on behalf of government agencies involved in
nation-state cyber attacks.

White hat hackers, also known as ethical hackers, strive to
act in the public interest, rather than causing a riot. Many legit hacker work on
penetration testing, hired to try to break into company networks to detect and
report security vulnerabilities. Security companies help their clients mitigate
security vulnerabilities before hackers can exploit them.

Black hat hackers knowingly gain unauthorized access to
networks and systems with malicious intent, whether for the purpose of stealing
data, spreading malware or taking advantage of ransom ware, destroying or
otherwise damaging systems, or for any other reason, including Fame. Black hat
hackers are criminals by definition because they violate laws against
unauthorized access to systems, but they can also participate in other illegal
activities, including identity theft and distributed denial of service attacks.

Gray hat hackers are somewhere between white hat hackers and
black hat hackers. While their motives may be similar to white hat hackers,
gray hats are more likely than white hat hackers to gain unauthorized access to
systems; at the same time, black hat hackers are more likely to avoid
unnecessary damage to the systems they hack.

ย Real hacker?

Since the goal of a white hat hacker is to identify
weaknesses so that you can improve your security, their services are available
anywhere and legally online. Very few organizations add a hacker white label to
their business or website.

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