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The Brand New Stats Page on HackerNoon

featured image - The Brand New Stats Page on HackerNoon
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What your Stats say about your story

Hello Hackers 💚,

In this blog, we’re going to take a quick look at all the stats we provide to writers on HackerNoon to help them supercharge their writing.

Ready? Leggooo! 🚀🚀

The General Stats Page

TL:DR; Click here to get to your general stats page.

Still reading? You must be feeling a little adventurous. Work with me here and I’ll walk you through all the hacks and walkarounds to keeping an eye on your HackerNoon stats.

Getting a quick glance at how your stories are performing is super duper easy! Simply hover over your avatar in the HackerNoon menu. Then, click on the stats button.

You can also get to your stats page from your HackerNoon Dashboard. Click the Check Your Stats button to get there.

On HackerNoon, your stats are captured across 2 pages. The main stats dashboard, like below shows you a general overview of all your stats.

  1. Stories: Stories show the total number of stories that you’ve published from your HackerNoon account
  2. Reads: This is the total number of page views your stories have accumulated on HackerNoon.
  3. Words Written: This is the total number of words you have put down on HackerNoon. Never forget to keep writing!

Your profile page: Your Profile page is a publicly accessible link where all your stories live. You can access your profile page by heading to

Your about page: Your about page is usually in the form

Total Reading Time Created: The total time it would take to read all the stories you’ve published here on HackerNoon.

Export Stories (*NEW): Your stories will always belong to you! You can take your stories with you anywhere, anytime by exporting your stories from HackerNoon. You can export your stories in PDF/JSON format. Take them with you anywhere!

Near the bottom of your screen, you’ll see an individual overview of each of your stories. The overview covers

Story: The title of the story you’ve published

Reads: The number of times your story has been viewed.

Reading time: The average amount of time readers have spent viewing your story.

Audio (*NEW): A link to download the audio version of your story - only for contributing writers.

The Stories’ stats Page

Curious to see how your stories are really really faring?

You can click on the title of any of your stories on the general stats page to learn more.

This will redirect you to the stats page for THAT story. You will end up on a screen like above. Just Like on your general stats dashboard, this screen shows

  • the title of your story

  • the number of times that story has been read

  • It shows you how many days since you published it

  • It also shows you a graphical representation *(NEW) of how much time the humans of the web have spent reading your story since it was published

  • You can take an audio-guided reading of your story with you - simply click the green download icon.

We’ve also added comments!

Now, your most ardent readers can leave you a thank you note for all the knowledge you shared in your story.

And for the last 2 features on your Story’s stats page…..These features are hot off the press!

It’s Reactions and Around the Web!

Reactions show you how members of the HackerNoon community are responding to the story you’ve shared with our HackerNoon emojis.

Around the Web shows you who and where your stories are being shared/discussed**.** It’s a great way to follow your story and to be part of the conversations in the forum where your stories are shared.

And that…believe it or now, brings us to the end of this blog post. For now. Expect more exciting features on your stats page over the next couple of months.

Remember: keep writing! keep reading!

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