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Preparing for an offline World

Over 51% people on our wonderful planet 🌍 is connected but the connection is not stable.

Offline is a reality.

A massive community named OpenGenus emerged to tackle this problem and brought in thousands of people together towards this mission. They are focusing on:

  • Enabling people on work for long stretch while offline
  • Make research more accessible

Several parallel works such as Project Loon and Serval Project are working towards connecting the entire world but still, offline will stay with us as a reality and we must prepare for it.

The plan laid out by OpenGenus is quite ambitious and has been distributed among its members and hope to attain a level of impact soon.

OpenGenus set its eyes on enabling people to code while offline. Many people tend to look up the internet while coding to check any particular algorithm or documentation. For this, we have:

Cosmos — Algorithms that run our Universe

Cosmos is the knowledge base upon which several applications are planned to be built. Cosmos has over 700 contributors and an active community around it. It has a bright future in words of its contributors.

OpenGenus Foundation works on several other problems that are central to the web and this is its take on the existing Offline World.

You can even contribute to the OpenGenus mission and accelerate it. The entire community is driven by contributors so, everyone’s voice is heard.

Lets hope to make Knowledge more accessible than ever.

People from all over the World have gathered and formed a community known as OpenGenus and have set their eyes to solve a problem that bugged them.

How do you want OpenGenus to move forward?
Let us make internet great for our friends who are offline

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