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Predictions for the Future of Augmented Reality

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@brianwallaceBrian Wallace

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Augmented reality captures our imagination like no other technology can. AR advancements in gaming and entertainment have given a lot of steam to the industry and other market are taking notice. Virtual and augmented reality technology has a lot to offer other industries, not just entertainment.

By 2025 the healthcare revenue from augmented and virtual reality will be around $5 billion and some technology insiders expect to see the most advancements of AR technology in the healthcare industry. Already there is AR at work in hospitals and doctorโ€™s offices, the Accuvein scanner projects where valves and veins are so that healthcare professionals can more easily find a vein for IV placement.

The travel industry also has a lot to gain from the AR boom as 84% of consumers all over the world would be interested in using AR as part of their travel experiences and 42% believe that AR is the future of tourism.

Take a look at this infographic for more on the future of augmented and virtual reality and how it will change healthcare, education, government, and of course, entertainment. What are your predictions for the future of AR?

infographic credit:ย Lumus


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