POWER LEADER: Anvl's Zach Taylor on the Connected Worker Platform for Safety and Productivityby@sarahevans
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POWER LEADER: Anvl's Zach Taylor on the Connected Worker Platform for Safety and Productivity

by sarahevansApril 16th, 2024
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Anvl’s AI Connected Worker Platform is the sole digital layer for industrial enterprises to digitally transform to enhance frontline work experiences, making work safer, improving quality, and delivering trustworthy data in real-time to leadership for continuous improvement.
featured image - POWER LEADER: Anvl's Zach Taylor on the Connected Worker Platform for Safety and Productivity
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Next up is Zach Taylor, CEO of Anvl and a noted SaaS advisor. Anvl is a leader in enhancing workplace safety and productivity through innovative technology.

Courtesy: Zach Taylor

How does Anvl's platform specifically cater to the unique needs of different businesses?

Anvl’s AI Connected Worker Platform is the sole digital layer for industrial enterprises to digitally transform to enhance frontline work experiences, making work safer, improving quality, and delivering trustworthy data in real-time to leadership for continuous improvement.

Can you describe some real-world scenarios where your platform has improved workplace safety and productivity?

One compelling example of our platform's impact comes from our work with Constellation. Initially, their Near Miss program relied heavily on manual, paper-based processes. Technicians submitted nearly 12,000 Near Miss forms annually, which were then transcribed into spreadsheets. This cumbersome process resulted in thousands of hours of administrative work, offering minimal insight into safety trends or reporting capabilities.

Recognizing the need for a more efficient solution, Constellation implemented the Anvl Mobile App. This transition to a mobile-first system enabled the immediate deployment of a fully customized Near Miss program alongside digital workflows for various safety audits and permits. The app's adoption by around 400 technicians and supervisors facilitated tens of thousands of digital workflows, significantly enhancing the identification of hazards and risks directly in the field.

The results were transformative. The app's adoption led to a 95% compliance rate across Constellation's safety programs, with thousands of workflows completed yearly. The app's offline functionality ensured uninterrupted productivity, while its features, such as voice-to-text, annotated photos, and video, enabled the collection of reliable data. This shift not only allowed for real-time issue identification and risk notification but also provided leadership with insights into trending hazards and operational challenges faced by the crew.

Through the aggregation of thousands of safety-related data points, Anvl delivered scalable insights that were previously unattainable. Constellation could proactively identify the top issues their teams faced each quarter, including significant operational "Materials" issues, thereby reducing unnecessary expenses and optimizing material usage and time.

Moreover, Anvl's introduction of proprietary metrics such as the Strength Score & Power Score enabled a nuanced assessment of safety performance across various levels of the organization. This holistic approach to safety management and continuous improvement has not only elevated compliance to an all-time high but also resulted in significant cost savings and increased work efficiency for Constellation

What makes Anvl's software different from other connected worker solutions available on the market?

Anvl’s Mobilize product leverages AI to automatically transform your company’s specific procedures and compliance documentation in seconds into dynamic logic workflows made available through our fully internationalized mobile app (iOS, Android, and Windows).

How does the customization process work for a new client? Can you walk us through the highlights  from initial contact to full implementation?

This is where Anvl’s AI shines, implementation takes minutes rather than months. Upload your company's forms or  let Mobilize generate OSHA and ISO compliant programs and documentation in seconds. These are then made immediately available through our SOC2 compliant mobile app available through iOS, Android, and Windows.

In terms of data privacy and security, what measures does Anvl take to protect its users?

Anvl leverages modern, best-in-class cloud and security architecture and protocols, and maintains SOC2 compliance.

Looking ahead, how do you see Anvl evolving to meet future workplace safety and productivity needs?

Anvl is positioned at the forefront of a significant transformation in workplace safety and productivity. Our vision is grounded in the continuous innovation and enhancement of our platform to not only meet but anticipate the evolving needs of the modern workforce.

One key area of focus is the further integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities into our software. This will enable us to provide even more predictive analytics, offering businesses foresight into potential safety risks before they occur. By analyzing patterns and trends from the extensive data collected through our platform, we can identify probable hazards and advise on preventive measures, thereby shifting from reactive to proactive safety management.

As the tenured labor force with vast institutional knowledge starts retiring en masse and a new generation, accustomed to smartphones and digital apps take their place , Anvl intends to enhance connectivity and real-time communication features. This will ensure that regardless of location, employees can access critical safety information, report incidents immediately, and receive timely support. Our goal is to create a seamless, integrated experience that prioritizes employee well-being and promotes a culture of safety, regardless of geographical boundaries.

We are committed to making our platform even more user-friendly and accessible. By simplifying the user interface and enhancing the mobile experience, we aim to encourage higher engagement levels among frontline workers. Their direct input and feedback are invaluable for building a comprehensive safety culture.

Collaboration with industry partners and regulatory bodies will also be a priority to ensure our solutions not only comply with but also influence future safety standards and practices. By staying ahead of regulatory changes and industry trends, Anvl can provide businesses with the tools they need to remain compliant and competitive.

Lastly, sustainability and environmental health will play a larger role in our platform's evolution. Recognizing the intersection between environmental practices and worker safety, Anvl will expand its capabilities to support organizations in their pursuit of sustainability goals, ensuring a safe, healthy, and sustainable workplace for all.

Our commitment to innovation, coupled with a deep understanding of our clients' needs, positions us to lead the way in creating safer, more efficient, and more resilient workplaces worldwide.

How does Anvl stay ahead of changes in workplace regulations and ensure its platform remains compliant?

Anvl’s AI ensures we are constantly evolving with the changing requirements and allows for real-time edits and customizations by clients.

What advice would you give to businesses considering implementing a connected worker platform?

Ensure you implement a platform over a point solution; obsess over frontline worker usability and adoption (does it work offline?) and information integrity (how does the platform ensure data parity and data integrity while simultaneously solving for bespoke experiences for different areas and/or sites.

Looking at the current landscape of workplace technology, where do you see the biggest gaps or opportunities for innovation?

Innovation is happening at a rapid clip, what the broader Industrial SaaS world needs is more integration and interoperability. Larger, established players should be willing and wanting to optimize end-user experiences and data enablement via simple integrations.