How Do You Feel About Cryptocurrency Investments As the Year Draws to a Close?

Fueled by hopes of a U.S. Bitcoin ETF approval, the crypto market has experienced renewed optimism, illustrated by Bitcoin's price hitting $37K+. However, trust in this market is a precarious thing, and news from Binance isn't helping. CZ, founder and CEO recently pleaded guilty to U.S. Department of Justice charges, resulting in a $4.3 billion fine and his resignation.

30% Optimistic. I hodl a few coins/tokens

16% Optimistic, but I'm not investing yet

7% Pessimistic. I’ve sold off all my coins/tokens

6% Pessimistic but I’m keeping my coins/tokens just in case

39% Cryptocurrency is a Scam

220 Voters

This poll gathered 220 Votes from 27/11/2023 to 4/12/2023.
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