Please stop wasting your precious time on Blockchain 🙌by@almog009
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Please stop wasting your precious time on Blockchain 🙌

by Almog OhayonFebruary 8th, 2018
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Time is really the only limited resource you don’t have so please stop waste it on money or <a href="" target="_blank">blockchain</a>.
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Time is really the only limited resource you don’t have so please stop waste it on money or blockchain.

2 days ago, SpaceX 🚀 launched their amazing Falcon Heavy rockets and it was a spectacular show. I really don’t know how people can be more passionate and curious for money and Blockchain than Rocket science and getting ourselves to Mars.

There are so many real problems in this world worth solving that it’s unacceptable to my eyes seeing so many smart people trying to leverage this hype just to make money.

We still have hungry people, unsolved diseases like cancer and HIV, climate change, racism, do you really want to spend your life around money?

I’m not saying it’s not okay aiming to have more money or getting rich but why not also make some real value in the same time on this planet 🌎

As an entrepreneur you need to ask yourself — assuming my technology and solution will be successfully executed what pain point did I solve? How did I change the world? Did I help people getting a better life?

Listening to so many Blockchain entrepreneurs and startups in the last 3 years made me realize that this technology simply not going to change dramatically our life as other people say and i’m pretty damn sure about it.

We might end up getting one consolidated currency worldwide but other than this all other use cases we can already implement without Blockchain.

Micro-Payments and P2P Payments are already exists, Decentralization database can be achieved without it and for most cases Centralized DB is much better option,

Smart Contracts are already available in the traditional financial systems and for the general public we even have this great model of crowdfunding like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

The anonymous dream is relevant only to hackers, imagine you want to buy something from Amazon, you must associate your Digital Wallet into the Amazon account and here goes your Anonymity.

When you think about real life IPO(Initial Public Offering) you basically get a mature company which exists couple of years, with real revenues, clear reports and strategy. Now when you compare it to the current unregulated ICO you simply get an early stage company which might not even have one line of code or strategy.

There are so many red flags and bad indicators about this domain like Cyber threats, Fraud ICOs, huge technological barriers and even John McAfee now acting as a Crypto Rockstar, sharing his wisdom with the world 😱

The bottom line here is simply don’t spend your precious time reading all day long about it and be afraid to miss some ICO, you definitely can make a better use of your time, you can change people’s real life, you can spend more time with your family, you can send people to Mars 🚀 💥

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