Pet Tech is Getting Crazy!by@mrfireside
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Pet Tech is Getting Crazy!

by Mr FiresideOctober 19th, 2023
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The brave new world of Pet Tech is undoubtedly becoming wilder by the minute. From wearables that track your pet’s activity to devices that allow you to communicate with them remotely (allegedly), the world of pet tech is getting wilder and wilder. The advent of self-cleaning litter boxes has transformed the task of maintaining our feline friends.
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The other day, I sauntered into my local PetBarn (that’s where we Aussies go for pet stuff) to grab some (overpriced) raw dog food for my 3-year-old labrador-kelpie mix, only to be taken aback by an intriguing promotion: DogTV. Yes, you read that right, a 24/7 channel specifically tailored to ‘soothe and entertain’ our canine companions.

In Australia, dogs used to ride in the back of work utes but now they can apparently sit around all day watching DogTV. Interesting.

I had a quick Google and DogTV says It's designed to ‘alleviate your pup’s stress and anxiety throughout the day’. Right. Well, anyway, the unexpected encounter at the store sparked some thoughts, about the evolving landscape of pet technology. They now have wearables that track your pet’s activity to devices that allow you to communicate with them remotely (allegedly), the brave new world of Pet Tech is undoubtedly becoming wilder by the minute.

Allow me to introduce you to a few of the devices and things I recently discovered in the wild world of the pet technology market!

Wearable Tech for Pets

Our pets might not be checking their steps or heart rate, but the era of wearables hasn't left them behind.

Activity and Health Monitors

Drawing parallels with human-centric devices like Fitbit, pet activity trackers such as FitBark and Whistle monitor physical activity, sleep patterns, and even stress levels, so they say. These devices have become a proactive way to detect early signs of obesity and ensure that potential health issues are nipped in the bud early. Milo’s laying his fat a$$ around all day? These devices will tell you and you can do something about it.

GPS Collars

For those pets with insatiable wanderlust, GPS collars like the Tractive GPS are an invaluable asset. These devices allow pet parents to trace the real-time whereabouts of their four-legged explorers, ensuring peace of mind.

It makes me wonder about Lost Dog posters, might these soon be a relic of past times?

Smart Collars with Cameras

Fancy seeing the world through your pet's eyes? There are smart collars equipped with cameras that allow this unique perspective, offering an immersive insight into their daily escapades.

Remote Interaction Devices

Distance is no longer an impediment to interacting with our pets, thanks to these innovative solutions. Kick back at work and watch Bob the Wonder Dog do his thing.

Interactive Cameras

Devices like Furbo and Petcube have revolutionized the way we can connect with our pets during our absence. Apart from monitoring them through cameras, the two-way audio feature allows for communication. And for the cherry on top? Remote-triggered treat dispensers to reward them!

If you’re listening Furbo and Petcube, can you guys attach a laser-guided Nerf shooting thingy so the next time my dog decides it’s a good idea to mark his territory on my leather recliner I can focus that thing on his butt?

Smart Toys

From automatic ball launchers to app-controlled playthings and puzzle feeders, smart toys ensure our pets remain entertained, active, and mentally engaged, even when alone.

Automated Pet Care

When direct care isn't feasible, automated pet tech stands in the gap.

Smart Feeders

With devices like the PetSafe Smart Feed, our pets' meal schedules remain uninterrupted. Whether it's setting up meal times or controlling portions remotely, smart feeders have made feeding just that little bit easier.

Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes

The advent of self-cleaning litter boxes, including the renowned Litter-Robot, has transformed the task of maintaining clean litter for our feline friends. These devices automatically sift and separate waste, ensuring you never have to scoop the poop again.

Health and Wellness Innovations

The nexus between technology and pet health has never been more pronounced.

Tele-vet Services

Emulating human telemedicine, tele-vet services now provide a platform for pet owners to engage with veterinarians remotely, making preliminary consultations or follow-ups less daunting for pets and potentially less expensive for owners!

Smart Health Platforms

Integrated platforms like Pawtrack amalgamate data from wearables, owner inputs, and veterinary records to offer a holistic view of a pet's health, ensuring a more comprehensive assessment or care.

Final thoughts

Walking into PetBarn, little did I know that a TV channel dedicated to dogs would lead me down the fascinating rabbit hole of pet tech. This rapidly advancing domain might seem extravagant to some, but it reflects our society's deep-seated commitment to the well-being and happiness of our pets, or does it?

This little research project had me asking myself; Are we just lazy?

Our pets wouldn’t be experiencing obesity if we fed them less and walked them more, surely. Which in turn would mean that we don’t need movement apps, we just need movement.

We would not perhaps need automatic pet feeders and dog channels on TV if we were around more.

But then, the same can be said about our human children. How many times have you seen kids sitting at restaurants and diners eating a meal with their parents and siblings, faces buried in their tablets and devices?

Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you look at the world around you, technology is here to stay. Use it wisely.

Technology will continue to push boundaries, even for our four-legged friends.

Mr. Fireside.