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Personal Security Online Is Not Complicated

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@lina-survilaLina Survila

I am tech PR with a passion for cybersecurity and... fashion. Founder @ Abstract Stylist magazine.

Well, if you want to hear something complicated, try to understand the relationship between Beyonce and Jay Z.ย 

I am just kidding.ย 

When it comes to cybersecurity, it's not that complicated as you imagine it.

It is actually something that you already know

Do you know how your mom says not to talk to strangers and hide your bank password? Well, this is very much cybersecurity. The primary theme about security is phishing e-mails, strange callers asking for your information, and lessons on how to not useย pasword111ย as your password.ย 

It is everywhere you go

If you're not a modern person, you still probably got at least a phone where you browse this article. Do you have any passcode on your phone or computer? Well, that's it. You can now officially be hacked. So please don't make it 000000 as Kanye West did.ย 

Sometimes it's not hacking when it comes to cybersecurity

You can imagine that someone needs to spend all night writing code to access some critical data. Not really. For example, there are so many apps that are not safe to use, that you give permission for them to access all your data or even a camera. Scary right?

You are protected because you're not on the internet

That's the misunderstanding. You may not have a lot of profiles on social media, but you are on the internet. Think about your bank, medical records, flights, food delivery profile, car rental services, and so on. So yeah, all this data can be leaked and used. So if you think it's not your responsibility to stay safe online, well, think again!

Stay safe, kids!


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