Peer to Peer Crypto Knowledge Share — The Missing Crypto Link

Those savvy in the crypto world know where to go for honest, unbiased advice — but what about those new to crypto?

I have spent more hours than I would like to admit learning about cryptocurrency and blockchain. For those that are not developers, like myself, starting from scratch is difficult and intimidating. Many use this as a reason to point to its pending doom. For those like me that press on, the education and continual learning is slow, confusing and filled with bad advice focused on making money.

My first introduction to cryptocurrency came in 2010. At the time, I was vastly interested in learning about the deep web and the purpose/intent behind it. My mind has always been fascinated with learning about cultures, human interests and human behavior — how and why people work has been and always will be an interest to me. In my research and learning, I stumbled across Bitcoin, its creator and the purpose of its release to the world. Saying that Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision of Bitcoin was one I supported would be an understatement of great proportions. However, buying Bitcoin was not exactly simple or even one remotely trustworthy in my opinion and ultimately pushed me away and ended my close following of Bitcoin.

Then 2016 happened. I was laid off and found myself with plenty of time to read and research until my heart was content. The growth of Bitcoin and the emergence cryptocurrency was rather shocking and intriguing. Thus, my learning journey began all over. Now with regret of not taking action earlier, a story too many of us tell but true nonetheless.

As 2017 has progressed, I started learning very quickly that there are great resources one can use to learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain. Finding these however is extremely difficult and time consuming. The sheer amount of Google searches, YouTube videos and forums I had to visit, watch and read was insane. The crypto market is full of knowledgeable, honest and trustworthy experts. Unfortunately, we also have more than our fair share of con artists, coin shills and others too intent on pushing their agendas or coin holdings while searching for their ‘Get Rich’ scheme. This results in mass confusion for the new user. New entrants are entering the crypto world and are being introduced to a world that is still mainly unregulated and difficult to navigate. Finding information or answers to basic questions are scattered in multiple formats and in multiple places. In other words

So, what is the answer? Simple, much like blockchain is peer to peer, education and knowledge should be as well. I can see a future for this niche. One that connects the tech savvy, knowledgeable crypto veteran with those just starting out. Projects can even expand off of this and build peer to peer social media platforms designed to help in a great number of other items like job searching, handyman services, DIY and many more.

One project that peeked my interest (and that I have signed on as a contributor for) is The premise of this webpage is a platform to connect those with questions with experts or veterans that have answers and insights. While still very early in development, the connection of people and knowledge is one I strongly support and advocate for. My primary goal in this space is to provide unbiased, unfiltered and honest truth for everyone — success is not success if only you prosper. As written by Napoleon Hill in ‘Think and Grow Rich’

“More gold had been mined from the mind of men than the earth itself”

My intent and the intent of many others is gain and share knowledge, together with the world. My hope is that platforms and projects like grow and become a success. Bringing us all together, sharing knowledge with each other and helping us all become wealthy — not only in money, but in relationships we build in the process as well. For it is the relationships we build that will bring us the most happiness.

May your ventures in the crypto world be fruitful and successful. Be wary of those that promise untold fortunes for little to no work. For nothing that is easy is typically worthwhile and that which is difficult typically pays the largest dividend.


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