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Passion Economy: Not All Communities Are Created Equal

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@lijinLi Jin

I am an Investment Partner at Andreessen Horowitz focused on the Consumer sector

Building a community can indeed provide a moat. But–I find many
companies/brands/creators profess to have community, when they really
just have customers or followers.
To have a truly defensible community, I believe the following need to
be present: high intentionality, P2P interactions, & UGC content.
Hallmarks of “real” community:
  1. Intentionality: Members seek out the community as a destination, not just as part of a broader platform’s feed
  2. P2P interactions: Strong engagement and ties between members
  3. UGC content: Members contribute content vs. just engaging w/ what’s broadcasted to them
More thoughts on community:
Originally published as “Not all communities are created equal"


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