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Our platform fosters a collaborative writing experience, allowing users to work together and learn from each other's perspectives. By actively engaging with our community, you can build meaningful connections, gain valuable feedback, and grow your network.

We also provide author branding opportunities, helping you establish your unique identity and build your personal brand. Our integrated SEO optimization ensures that your content is easily discoverable by search engines, driving more traffic to your work.

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HackerNoon is where hackers start their afternoons.

We’re a global network of 45,000+ published diehards; lurkers; script kiddies; hats all the way through white, grey, green, blue, red and black; plus a few plain old Tim Ferriss fanboy #LifeHackers - the full spectrum, you’ll find ’em here.

HackerNoon is a close-knit community for cat people and single dads who code. A safe place for power women in tech and misunderstood millennials. For gross teenagers and curious retirees. For hodlrs, venture capitalists and anarchists. For entrepreneurs and engineers. For philosophers, product managers, and futurists.

In short, HackerNoon has space for everybody. There is only one rule of engagement: We treat our internet friends with respect.

HackerNoon is also on pretty much every social media platform ever invented—so find us where you like to be by searching @hackernoon. Or come hang out with us via slogging.
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Please treat your internet friends with respect. There are many places on the internet where you can be mean. This is not one of them. You are welcome to be anonymous. You are welcome to speak your truth. Within reason. When agreeing or disagreeing, please be thoughtful, respectful and kind.
Tech is basically electricity right now. It's everywhere; it's with everything that we do. So if you have a story that is related to tech we always and only judge the story on its own merit. It doesn't matter if you've never published with us before.
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