Oyster Pearl Is The Evolution To Monetizing Websites Using Blockchain Technologyby@cryptoresearch
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Oyster Pearl Is The Evolution To Monetizing Websites Using Blockchain Technology

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<strong>About Oyster Pearl:</strong>

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About Oyster Pearl:

Oyster Pearl is introducing a radical new solution designed to grant website owners a new revenue stream to any website by adding one line of code, instead of relying on advertising to monetize their website. Using blockchain technology visitors to websites will contribute a portion of their CPU and GPU power to allow users’ files to be stored on a decentralized and anonymous ledger.

By embedding a single line of code onto a website, the website owners can preserve the integrity of their site without distracting advertisements and still monetize their site the more traffic they generate. All files uploaded via Oyster are stored on the IOTA Tangle. Nodes running on the Oyster Protocol ensures all data is protected by performing Proof of Work.

The Proof of Work retains all data, and by using the Smart Contract technology of the Ethereum blockchain Oyster Pearls (the tokens) are produced. In turn Oyster Web Nodes perform Proof of Work to search for embedded Pearls on the Tangle which will deliver user data to the Tangle.

No personal information such as usernames,or passwords are ever compromised. Instead data is assigned a unique handle that acts as a seed and can only be accessed with the handle. Everything can be kept private using mixer contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The Oyster Protocol is open source, extendable, and auditable and enables decentralized applications to be built such as decentralized telephone calling. No permission will be needed to develop apps from a central figurehead.

No reserve is required for the Oyster Pearls as their value is intrinsically tied to the market value of storage prices.

Oyster Pearls provide an innovative storage solution for users to protect their data, while simultaneously providing website owners a new way to monetize their sites while keeping out of the Ads vs. Ad Blockers wars.

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Oyster Pearl (PRL) DYOR Useful Information:

Total Supply : 108,592,692 PRL

Circulating Supply : 31,823,026 PRL

Market Cap : $1,312,047 USD

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Team Information :

Name : Bruno Block

Title : Protocol Designer & Lead Developer

Name : Taylor French

Title : Senior Software Engineer & Design Director

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Name : Ian Seyer

Title : Software Architect & Engineer

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