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Our Next-Gen Crypto Trading Bot Neomenia Goes Live by@jare

Our Next-Gen Crypto Trading Bot Neomenia Goes Live

Jarett Dunn Hacker Noon profile picture

Jarett Dunn

Part 1: Intro


Check it out: 10 000%+ returns, ~5% drawdown on TradingView!

With humble beginnings as a paid project by @Patrick2018, a community member with a vision, and throughout countless evolutions and 81 git commits - our baby Neomenia Bot is ready for consumption by the general public.

We have had seen considerable success with different config vars over tiem, and now we even supply the most optimized vars according to market condition via a RESTful interface that provides the vars to client apps.

We have packaged Windows, Linux and Mac apps for BTCUSDT on Binance, ETHUSDT, and a balance-reporting site of your own like the one below:
Start: Sat Nov 30 2019 14:21:06 GMT+0000 (UTC)
Now: Sun Dec 01 2019 05:17:39 GMT+0000 (UTC)
BTC Notional traded recent memory: 38.44400000000188
Current position: -1.952
BTC % Delta: 31.89%
BTC % ROI / day projected: 51.22%
BTC % APR projected: 1.869e+4%

Part 2: Affiliate Program

Know loads of people that would appreciate consistent deltas? Join our Telegram room (link below..) and earn a hefty % of our $ we earn when you refer us paying clients. Moreover - earn that same % when they renew in following months, building an income stream for yourself that's evergreen and passive!

Part 3: How to Participate?

Did I pique your interest? Read on....


Steps to Reproduce

Step 1. Join our Telegram

Step 2. Create a net-new Binance account, and enable futures, and create an api key after enabling futures, You’re allowed to have as many Binance accounts as you like, while only verifying one – the max daily withdrawal on an unverified account is still huge

Step 3: Sent the subscription fee to our wallet 0x55FC78F760fBeb15A8a14ce2B8e9DCfA4CE0f966

Step 4: Enter your transaction ID on this form.

Step 5: And the last 6 characters of your API key.

Step 6: The team will manually add you to the bot’s license, and send you the executable file and other directions.

Step 7: Run the appropriate exports or setx’s from within DO NOT simply run, it won’t work, copy and paste the commands into a terminal/cmd window. On windows, open a net new cmd when finished.

Step 8: Run the executable for app for BTCUSDT, eth for ETHUSDT, and balance for a balance output graph like the ones you’re used to seeing.

Neomenia FAQs


FAQ 1: Settings

  • variables with ‘eth’ prepended are the same, for the ethusdt bot
  • delaybetweenorder, higher for more delay before a new limit order
  • takeProfit, in % what gains to lock in before market out
  • stopLoss, in % what losses to accept before market out
  • tgUser, your Telegram username for use with the Telegram bot
  • key, APIkey
  • secret, APIsecret

Note that the key and secret are never communicated anywhere off the local machine, except in signed requests to the exchange (which hide your details). Wireshark sniffing can confirm this.

  • site, the http or https address where your server is located. You can google curl ipify to find your address if you’re in a headless server, or google ‘what is my ip’ if you have an interface. You can set up DNS forwarding on or register your own spiffy shiny new domain if you like.
  • poirt, which port to run the balance server on. Use 80 for http 443 for https (which isn’t enabled anyhow) or a higher number like 8080 if you’re having permissions issues.
  • maxFreePerc, what maximum % of the wallet will be used before stopping ordering in the same direction. Note this doesn’t count existing limit orders, which could max our margin if your delay is too small.
  • orderSizeMult, for a $50 USDT account use 5, for $250 use 1, for $500 use 0.5. Etc.

FAQ 2: Legal Mumbo Jumbo

In no way are our team or any affiliated member responsible for any gains or losses you might experience. Previous action is no indication implied or assured of future performance. Risk only what you can afford to lose. This bot does not constitute financial advice by any means, and is meant to be used in an educational, communal, and fun format.

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