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Our GitHub Org. qxresearch Got 2k+ Views in 3 Days

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I've created a GitHub Organization named qxresearch which is officially part of Mozilla Campus Club. In this club, members get a chance to develop their own projects with us and contribute to our projects. Being the lead of the club I've arranged a event on 10-projects-10-Lines-of-Code.

The aim the event was to prove that we can built something really cool with the programming knowledge we've. It won't take thousands of lines of code to make GUI based python app.

I made a tutorial video explaining how the code works and how we can use those to solve real-life problems.

Finally, that event created a good impression on all the members in our group(293) and our repository got 2k+ views and 370+ unique views in 3 days.

GitHub Org : qxresearch
YouTube : QX Research

If you want to join @qxresearch | Mozilla Group:

- Join Telegram Group : qxresearch
- Join Mozilla Group : qxresearch
- Subscribe for future Events : QX Research


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