Our first analytical products sprint for active community members and Q&A session

We are launching the second sprint for our community — this time it’s dedicated to our analytical products. We have been collecting feedback from members of our community via Discord regarding improvements, new features, crashes, etc. and now we’re ready to begin! Our goal is essentially to create valuable and — more importantly — desirable products. Together, we are all a part of Cindicator, and so we want to create new features and products together with our community.

What do we want?

  • We’ve gathered suggestions for features from our community covering all our existing channels;
  • Now it’s time for you to choose the ones you want the most by voting;
  • Before the sprint starts, we are allocating a time period for all participants (observers and team members) to vote for the most important tasks;
  • Each participant will have three votes. We have added the feature-related tasks listed in the Discord application forms (these are given in a different format).

Sprint length: 30 days.

Start date: end of January (active members of the community can offer their ideas for the sprint until this date).

Starting date for voting on tasks: voting commences today with this announcement (all new ideas will be considered for the second sprint and will be added to the backlog).

Description of boards

For anyone who forgot and for new members:

Backlog/ideas: team members report on the problems and features found during communications in various Cindicator Discord channels on an open format. The author/source must be listed. We will base our next sprints on these reports. You don’t need to vote for the features/ideas in this column.

Features: all the feature-related tasks from the backlog are listed here in a strict format (as tasks for team members, the guru, or very active token holders), according to best practice.

Planning: all tasks for the new sprint will be moved here, based on number of votes and the deadlines we set before launching the sprint. All the tasks that were not included in the sprint will remain in the backlog and may be included in the next sprint if the community votes for them.

Doing: tasks that are already being worked on in the sprint are to be moved here.

Done: this board is for features/bugs that are in the process of being uploaded to production.

Quickfire communication on various tasks/questions will be conducted on the relevant Discord channels. If you’re interested in joining our Discord channel and taking part in the sprints, please fill out the form at https://cindicator.typeform.com/to/OCtoNW.

By the way, Vlad Kazakov, who leads development of our analytical products, will be answering your questions next Thursday, 18 January, during our first Q&A session.

Vlad will be able to address any questions you might have about Cindicator’s analytical products and its community sprint, as well as Cindicator’s approach to teamwork.
Please submit your questions to qa@cindicator.com by Tuesday, 16 January. The Q&A session will live streamed via Youtube. The link to the live stream will be published on our official channels on Discord, Telegram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Let’s make the new economy more intelligent,

The Cindicator team.