Organize And Save Your Tabs And Groups With Tabox by@gilgold

Organize And Save Your Tabs And Groups With Tabox

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Tabox is a Chrome extension that lets you save tabs and tab groups into collections.

Tabox - Save and Share tab groups

How many tabs do you keep open in your browser? 10? 100? 1000?? We have all been there.

Browser add ons help to wrangle this tab nightmare (tabmare?) and have been around since the first tab was forged.

Searching on the Chrome Web Store will get you hundreds of extensions that aim to help you take control of your tabs.

Even Google has started to weigh in, by introducing Tab Groups to help you organize your tabs into collapsible sections in the tab bar.

Introducing: Tabox

Tabox is a free extension for Chrome and other Chromium based browsers (like Edge and Brave) that lets you save all your currently open tabs into a collection.

Once a collection is saved, you can click it at any time to restore those saved tabs. Tabox is also one of very few extensions that also saves your tab groups, their colors and names. You can also export a collection into a file that you can share with others, for example, if you need to share a number of work related sites with your team.

Tabox also offers a way to sync your collections between computers using Google Drive.

Lets talk about privacy

One big concern these days when it comes to browser extensions is privacy. Extensions can have unique access to your data, that normal website do not. That is why privacy was our main goal when we created Tabox.

You do not need to sign up, login or provide any personal identifiable information to use Tabox.

All your data is saved locally in your browser’s storage, and if you use our sync functionality, it will only ask you for permission to save the data to a special hidden folder to YOUR Google Drive account - no one else will see it.

You can read more about how we handle privacy at Tabox and privacy in Chrome extensions in general on our blog.

Open Source

Tabox is 100% open source.

It is also being actively worked on, with numerous new features and improvements being suggested by our amazing community!

You can checkout or GitHub repo to take a look or provide suggestions.

Add Tabox to your browser

Tabox is available on both the Chrome and Edge web stores:

Get Tabox for Chrome

Get Tabox for Edge