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Oracle CEO: We are excited about the blockchain, and AI in the enterprise. by@jayz

Oracle CEO: We are excited about the blockchain, and AI in the enterprise.

Jay Zalowitz Hacker Noon profile picture

Jay Zalowitz

Co-Founder of Hackernoon

Oracle Open World began October 2, 2017 and it is getting to look like a new autonomous battle is going to start in the cloud infrastructure arena.

Sunday’s keynote kicked off with oracle demonstrating its “Autonomous Database” 18c which reports to be a self administering database. A move that can only be described as a direct assault on Amazon Redshift, their new database leverages machine learning to deliver 99.995% reliability. We are curious to see how Oracle’s cloud team intends to drive that number down over time, and what effects the database has cross regionally as that does appear to be a talking point with many attendees.

One of the new releases from today that really caught our attention was Oracle’s new “Blockchain Cloud Service” which is, as far as we can tell, the first major blockchain service from one of the old guard of silicon valley. We asked Oracle CEO Mark Hurd why the company decided to spend its resources on the blockchain and he replied (paraphrasing for brevity)

“At its core, it’s the ability to transfer and share meaningful information in a secure and thoughtful way. There are many applications for something like that, so there are many different verticals its useful for. A good example is you should have a transportable medical record that is secure in how it moves. We could imagine the blockchain having a advantage anywhere where you need distribution of information in a secure way.”

Oracle has also been releasing some new AI products that hook directly into its platform, making them get much closer to parity in the AI space with services like Amazon’s Rekognition and Google’s multiple AI services.

If you were at OOW and have any feedback on announcements you are really jazzed about drop us a line at {myfirstname}