Open Letter to AssemblyMade Veterans

Dear Assembly Made Veterans:

I am reaching out to ask for your help. We are a New York-based open innovation startup called We, as a team, were deeply impressed with what you all built with AssemblyMade and also deeply saddened when it disappeared.

Our project is in its infancy but we believe that, with your help, we can re-create something akin to the structure that you loved but even more powerful. Not a clone, but in the same spirit. To get to the next step, we need your help. We are energized, completely bootstrapped, and ask for your suggestion and wisdom. We see a future where customer-centered decentralized, self-assembling workforces are the prevailing paradigm for work. We know you see the same future and ask you to join us to bring it to the present.

Today’s environment is different; we have new tools at our disposal, including new rules on equity crowdfunding, the Ethereum ecosystem, and Mike Moyer’s book “Slicing Pie.” Our founding team also brings a wealth of expertise in intellectual property and corporate law, project management, data analysis, and customer development. Backing us is an advisory board made up of experienced, skilled, passionate professionals from the open innovation world. We promise to always be transparent, to listen to our community, to be generous with our community, and to work like hell to build something great that benefits everyone equitably.

Our Ask:

If you are interested in what could come out of this initiative, go to and pledge time to help us. We’ll use that time to speak with you, on the phone or over email or slack, to learn from your experience with decentralized teams and open innovation. On, you will see our launch feature, which illustrates what we mean by customer-centered. And if you chose to re-ignite a collaborative project, we will run your CrowdRaising campaign at no cost to you.

Please share this with others whom you’ve met and worked with on AssemblyMade.

Thank you for your time.

-Maxim Price, Naveen Mishra, Marika Szczech, Maksim Kogan, and Veronica Price Team

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