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Only Data-Minded Marketers and Market-Minded Developers Can Achieve Data Driven Marketing

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Using data as a part of your marketing plan can have a tremendous impact on your overall results, which is why data-driven marketing has become the standard for many agencies.

However, data-driven marketing may require many businesses to rethink the way they work, especially when it comes to cooperation between their various teams.

You may have heard about the concept of collaboration and automating processes before - something referred to as webops. Now an increasing number of companies are throwing marketing into the mix. 

Among the most important factors is a close working relationship between marketing and web development teams if a business wants to make the most of data-driven marketing.

Marketing teams need a wealth of knowledge regarding customers’ behavior, their preferences, and their motivations. It is through working with the web development team they can acquire this information and begin coming up with a plan of action based on the data they’ve acquired. 

A Data-Minded Marketer

Many different kinds of individuals can be found on marketing teams, though there are some essential roles every marketing team will have.

A marketing team will need to be able to handle a wide variety of marketing tasks, ensuring all needs are met when it comes to taking care of these marketing tasks from start to finish.

These include complex webops tasks such as website development, search engine optimization for websites, and of course, all the needs associated with these tasks, such as crafting well-written content including web pages and blog articles. 

Among the various members you may find on a marketing team are writers, web designers, project managers, and specialists in their field, including individuals with specialized knowledge in search engine optimization or social media marketing.

These individuals have typically been working in marketing for a while, are college educated, and have extensive experience working with numerous types of businesses. 

Until recently, many marketing professionals have not spent much time working in webops and may not have spent much time with data. However, this is changing.

Data-driven marketing has become a force in the industry, and marketers are learning to use data in new and exciting ways. It is important for today’s marketing professionals to learn how to extract data, analyze data, and interpret data.

Above all else, data must be used to inform marketing initiatives, and today’s marketing teams must be able to know the type of data they need. This will enable marketers to request new types of data capture that they can then put to use in their further marketing efforts.

Market-Minded Developers

When building websites, you need a good web development team who has experience with various webops tasks. As is the case with marketing teams, the roles on web development teams may vary.

However, there are some basic roles necessary on most teams, including project managers, project architects, testing specialists, designers, and developers to work on the site at various stages from front end to back end.

As is the case with marketing teams, the majority of those working in web development are college-educated, and some may even have more than a bachelor’s degree in their field. Most have been working in web development for quite some time and have been keeping up with the industry. 

Just as is the case with marketers, having an awareness of their clients’ industry is important for developers, especially in today’s market. And as is the case with marketing teams, those working in web development need to stay on top of what’s going on with their clients, so they aren’t just focusing on the industry’s technical side.

Web development teams need to be aware of wider market forces and trends in industry marketing practices related to certain types of businesses. 

As a whole, web development teams need to be able to understand the entire customer journey.

This will enable them to design better data capture as they will be able to understand the marketing team’s goals and, in turn, craft elements on the website able to meet those needs.

Additionally, when a web development team knows what a marketing team needs, they can make suggestions able to enhance their efforts and boost their effectiveness.

Marketing/Development Teams

Today, there are still some functions of marketing and web development teams separate from one another, and marketing and web development teams will not always be working on the same webops projects at all times.

However, marketing and web development teams should be closely aligned if not joined together for the best possible results. Another thing to bear in mind is the importance of cross-training between teams to ensure individuals know how to work together and produce real results when working on projects.

Marketing professionals need to know how to implement the data given to them by web development teams, and they need to know what data to request for webops tasks. Meanwhile, web development teams need to know the type of data marketers are looking for and how they can get this data.

It is important to think about webops as a holistic approach to both development and marketing goals. Web development and marketing are not two different, separate entities.

With data-driven marketing, they are important and interconnected parts of the same system. Though it can take some time and effort to get these two teams working together, ultimately, it leads to both teams being able to tackle their marketing goals as a single entity, leading to greater success.

Data-driven marketing is changing the field in numerous ways. When marketing and web development teams work together, they can step up to the challenge and ensure they can take on anything thrown at them headfirst.


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